Storytelling for Marketing and Brand Building

Storytelling for Marketing and Brand Building

A good story resonates with your watchers & listeners, giving your Brand a personality and emotion. Through storytelling, your audience gets to know you; allowing them to make a decision whether they like you and trust you.

A good note to remember is that it’s not your objective to be liked, loved and trusted by absolutely everyone - never take unfollows or negative comments personally either.

 Brand Story

At first, finding your voice and story is difficult. Be patient and treat it like a journey. Naturally you’ll find that a year into story telling, your brand will have evolved. You’ll know your audience better, be more confident and also adjust with new technical releases and consumer behaviour.

Go with the flow, check your insights and be consistent. Using Instagram and Facebook Stories is a great way to help build your brand story. You can then repurpose this content on your blog, or build on it via You Tube channels, workshops or your newsletter. There are endless possibilities on how you can bring your storytelling to life beyond Social Media.

What’s included in a Brand Story?

Below are 6 components to help you create an effective Brand Story for your Marketing:

1. Transparent

You must be transparent and honest in your storytelling. People can tell a mile away if your storytelling isn’t authentic - be you and be true.

2. Consistency

Your storytelling should be consistent across all your channels (social media, website, newsletter, you tube etc) This comes back to knowing your branding story and energy - your audience needs to feel that it’s the same brand no matter where they come into contact with you and your messaging.

3. Narrow your Narrative

Communicate your story in a short succinct manner. If we are talking about Instagram Stories - tell you story in a maximum of 3 stories - even less if possible!

4. Be Relatable

Share stories where your audience can relate. This will become easier as you get to know them - so creating frequent content will allow this process to be sped up.

5. Have a key takeaway

Have a purpose for the content. What’s the key takeaway / lesson for your watcher / listener?

6. Call-to-Action

Does your story need a call-to-action? If so, be clear and single-minded. Make it easy for your audience to take action required. Call-to-Action should only ever be 1 step away / 1 click away….!

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