Sparkling White Smile - The sacrifices and hours required to ensure your new business succeeds

Alison Egan, founder of Sparkling White Smile, at 21 dreamt her now million dollar business to life.

Alison started her professional mobile teeth whitening business, Sparkling White Smile in 2014 after a dream she had about sparkling white teeth. Previously a Mental Health Nurse, Alison could not afford professional teeth whitening at the dentist, which at the time was over $1000, she came across an ad on google with cosmetic teeth whitening in the UK, which at the time was not known in Australia.

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Nimble Activewear : How a yoga brand is turning over $4m per year

Nimble Activewear is founded by Vera Yan and Katia Santilli. Four years ago Vera and Katia launched Bondi Beach brand Nimble Activewear.

Katia who had worked in product management and merchandising for big brands including Puma in Australia and later Burberry in London brought a wealth of retail and e-commerce knowledge whereas, Vera who had previously worked in investment banking and law brought a commercial savviness to the start-up.

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