8 Fun Crafts To Try At Home

8 Fun Crafts To Try At Home

Do you love trying your hand at arts and crafts, but have started to run out of ideas and inspiration? Whilst crafts are supposed to go be fun and creative, sometimes you need a little bit of help deciding what it is you're going to create next, especially if you've only been crafting for a couple of months.

With that in that mind, here are 8 craft ideas to try at home:

  1. Make Your Own Greeting Cards

There are always special occasions and birthdays to celebrate, so having a bank of greeting cards you can use whenever something pops up is super handy. Whilst buying greeting cards is probably easier, creating your own cards gives you a chance to give something with a little bit more personalisation. You can create cut-outs, 3D cards or even create designs that you can print. The possibilities are literally endless!

Plus, if you have kids, you can easily get them involved and making their own cards to give to friends and families.

2. Experiment Making Jewellery

Although it may seem difficult, making jewellery is an incredibly fun craft to take up. There are so many different styles of jewellery you can create, reflecting your personalities in everything you wear. Whether you're creating jewellery for you or your friends, you'll have so much fun testing all of the different methods out.

You never know, the more you do it, the higher your chances are of opening your own store selling homemade pieces.

3. Get Creative With Mason Jars

Mason jars are a crafter's best friend, especially if you're a beginner and just getting started. There are so many different things you can create, from lanterns to jars filled with cookie ingredients  - making this a really universal craft for all. For inspiration on crafts, you can do with mason jars, you can visit this site here.

4. Create Personalised Wire Keepsakes

Have you ever been to a beach destination and noticed those street artists selling wire keepsakes with your name on? They're a great gift to give to people and don't have to wait until you go on vacation. If you purchase your own stainless steel wire and wire cutters, you can easily create your own personal design ready to gift to your friends and family. Whether it's their name, a special date or a word that has significant meaning - they'll absolutely love the thought behind it!

5. Have Fun With 3D Photo Frames

Have you ever seen those cheap photo frames that are almost the depth of a small box? They're amazing for crafting and the amount of things you can create using them is again, limitless. Whether it's a whimsical quote made with Scrabble tiles, a snow globe photo frame or a personalised gift - you'll have so much fun creating these quirky gifts for your friends and family.

6. Make Your Own Wax Melts And Candles

One of my favourite drafts to make my own wax melts and candles. As a huge fan of filling the house with gorgeous scents, creating our own melts has just become part of the fun. Using wholesalers for candle supplies, you can get everything you need at an affordable price - including wax moulds, wax, essential oils and fragrances. Once it's arrived you can experiment creating your perfect scents, shapes and designs. If you're feeling creative, you can mix and match fragrances to make your own personalised scent.

7. Create Accessories With Colourful Fabrics

If you love sewing, you may want to consider creating your own accessories with amazing colourful fabrics. There are so many different designs to choose from, that no matter what you create it will be unique and personalised to you. Whilst it's difficult to start, it's a great hobby to have once you get the hang of it.

8. Upcycle Your Old Furniture And Home Accessories

Although this could be considered a much bigger craft, it's a great one for those that want to take on a challenge. There are lots of different ways to Upcycle the furniture that you already have at home, giving you the chance to both save money and be creative. Whether you turn your old bookcase into a coffee table or a chest of drawers into a chair, you'll have so much fun being as creative as you can.

For lots of inspiration and incredible upcycling ideas, you can visit Pinterest here.

Are you looking for a new craft to try? Where do you find inspiration? Let me know in the comments section below.

Alison Morgan