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Business Coaching


Alison Morgan is a highly experienced online Business Coach creating tailored Business & Marketing solutions.
Leverage Alison’s vast knowledge, experience and wisdom to move ahead with confidence.


Specialist 1:1 Business Coaching

Since launching Relauncher nearly 10 years ago, I’ve coached 500+ Small Business Owners 1:1. The knowledge and experience I’m able to share through solely coaching 1:1 is tremendous, coupled with my academic and corporate roles.

I create tailored solutions and strategies that will complement you and the structure of your business; providing clarityfocus & results specific to your individual needs.

Get ready to feel excited about moving forwards! Creating an effective solution without delay will feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders. I’m a highly experienced Coach and Mentor who will help you recognise & achieve your business goals.

Your 1st coaching session will give you an in-depth insight with actionable steps to move forwards - specific to you. You won’t be stacked up with work - very often I lighten the load. Many people are busy working on areas which aren’t moving them ahead. By removing the excess and becoming focused on what will propel you forwards - you are very likely to have a better work/life balance!

Consultations are held via Zoom, FaceTime or Phone.

Alison Morgan Sydney Business Coach
Sydney Business Coach

Areas of expertise include:

Online Business Coaching

I take pride in guiding and supporting clients throughout their business journey.  Being coached in this supportive environment allows you to reach goals quickly whilst allowing time to focus on business as usual tasks as well as growth strategies.

You'll become empowered with knowledge gained in every meeting. I provide honesty with fresh insights, giving you renewed confidence quickly.



With 15 years working in the Corporate Marketing and Business sector, Alison was employed by companies such as Unilever, MBF Private Health Insurance, Royal Bank of Scotland, M&G Investments and The Heart Foundation. The roles were throughout Perth, Sydney and London, focusing on a large range of Marketing Campaigns utilising both Acquisition & Retention Strategies.

Alison Morgan Melbourne Business Coach




Relauncher’s Clients

coached 500+ clients 1:1