6 simple ideas on how to build your Customer Base

Alison Morgan is a well-known Business Coach servicing Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond. Alison is a specialised 1:1 Business Coach and has worked with over 500 Small Businesses to help them set up, grow, evolve and become successful.

Alison also has a boutique Branding & Graphic Design agency, Sticky Studio.

Pic from Flow Training Centre Launch, Sydney. Alison Morgan Relauncher + Sticky Studio & Nathan Picklum Body Science Owner

Pic from Flow Training Centre Launch, Sydney. Alison Morgan Relauncher + Sticky Studio & Nathan Picklum Body Science Owner

Building your customer base should be a focus for your business for at least 1 quarter per year.

The good news is that there are ways to tap into business opportunities using social media if your target market is on these platforms…

Below are 6 tips to increase your customer base & business opportunities via Social Media:

1. Follow Up

People like to be noticed and appreciated. So many leads, referrals and opportunities require you to become familiar / personal with other like-minded people.

To continue personal relationships with potential customers and referral partners you meet in person / at events, it’s good to follow them up with a quick acknowledgement via social media or email.

Let them know how great it was to meet and connect with them. Asking whether you can do anything to support their business can help to establish some really meaningful connections. These relationships often take time to create, though these same relationships will help to establish you as a reliable resource and may open the door to potential business opportunities in the future.

2. Partner with a non-competing business who has a similar target audience

Look for other businesses that have a similar target audience and who are actively marketing their business.

Seeing that they are actively marketing indicates they’re invested in growing their business and will be more receptive to your partnering idea.

It also shows they will be easier to work with and hopefully splitting the workload in a manner that will suit both of you will be simple.

Through partnering with businesses, you will have the opportunity to unlock a whole new customer base whilst also adding value to your own business through having someone to also refer your clients to. These are usually reciprocal relationships, whereby helping other businesses to grow, your own will grow too!

3. Expand on your existing content

Check out the content on your website, blog and social media platforms that have gained high engagement.

Consider the different ways you could provide further valuable content on similar topics to potential customers. For example; if engagement on a particular blog post is high, think about transferring this content to a Podcast episode where you will be able to expand and share even more of your expertise.

Adding value to your business and the experience potential clients have in their engagement with you can easily be done by engaging through “freemiums” like an e-Book or a free download.

4. Move outside your comfort zone

Grow comfortable with being outside of your comfort zone. We all know the cliché that outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. Truth be told, this could not be more relevant to creating success in business.

You may not be comfortable with taking a step outside of your comfort zone but the more frequently you do, the better you get at it and before long, you will be unstoppable. Running your own business is a huge discomfort for many, so do it in a way that suits your personality. This often comes up in my Business Coaching sessions. I always tell my clients to show their passion, flexibility, openness and innovation by extending their comfort zone. It’s a way of growing and evolving, and when done in a supporting way can be super exciting and rewarding!

Pic from Flow Training Centre Launch, Sydney. Alison Morgan with Ally Cotton, Founder of This is First Base.

Pic from Flow Training Centre Launch, Sydney. Alison Morgan with Ally Cotton, Founder of This is First Base.

5. Leverage existing partnerships

Word-of-mouth provides a high amount of revenue for most businesses once they are established. Referrals are your existing ambassadors for your business. Your business partners may include existing customers, client, suppliers and referral businesses, all of whom can become some of your greatest allies for increasing your customer base.

6. Showcase your expertise

There so many ways to get in front of potential new customers and clients to generate interest in your offerings.

Social media has made showcasing your expertise so simple and easy! Whether it’s starting a Podcast, a Blog, a YouTube channel or hosting regular Workshops; educating your audience about relevant topics in your state of business is essential to growing your customer base. 

Other ways you can do this may include creating a challenge, hosting group sessions, publishing an e-Book, speaking at a seminar, trade show or exhibition or even hosting a meet-up. All of these methods will allow you to get in front of people who are already engaged, interested and potentially ready to sign up for your product or service. 

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