5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Outsource

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Outsource

Outsourcing involves paying another company to do a task for you. It can be a great way of relinquishing admin tasks that are time-consuming or complex, allowing you to focus on core tasks. Commonly outsourced business tasks include accounting, marketing, recruitment and legal help, however it’s possible to outsource many other duties – in fact, pretty much any task you can think of can be outsourced nowadays. On top of tasks, it’s also possible to outsource equipment and even address. To give you an idea of the possibilities, here are five things you probably didn’t know you could outsource.

Answering the phone

Many of us hate answering the phone. It can often serve as an interruption when trying to complete pressing tasks. However, by failing to answer the phone, you could miss out on potential new clients. Fortunately, there are phone answering companies out there as found at https://www.moneypenny.com/uk/ that can do this task for you. Such companies can answer any calls, filtering out sales calls and general enquiries, relaying only the most important information to you. Many of these companies operate 24 hours, so you could have someone to answer the phone for you at all times.  

Answering emails

Answering emails can be another time-consuming task. As with answering phonecalls, it’s possible to outsource companies such as http://www.infotechprofessionals.com to read and reply to emails for you. Certain specific emails may still need to be answered by you, however it could help to filter out most of the emails that may only need a simple reply. This could free up huge amounts of time.

Your mailing address

If you work from home and need to give clients your postal address, you may not want them knowing your private address. Outsourcing a mailing address could be one way of getting around this. Sites like https://physicaladdress.com allow you to outsource an address for clients to send their mail – this can then be sorted and relayed to your address. Such addresses tend to be in a prime location so it can also have the advantage of making your company look bigger and more successful that it really is.

Managing ingoing and outgoing payments

Paying all the right people on time and ensuring that you get paid in return can be another time-consuming job. Fortunately, there are various companies that you can pay to perform these tasks for you or make them easier. Supply chain management companies can help to juggle suppliers and help keep track of all outgoing payments. Meanwhile, there are companies that can send invoices for you to ensure you are paid by clients on time such as https://www.dcs.co.uk. Not only will you free up time, but you could avoid payment errors by outsourcing experts to handle this process for you.

Firing employees

Just as there are recruitment firms that can help you to hire new employees, there are also companies that can help you to dismiss employees. Many of these companies simply help with the legal difficulties of this process, however as this article at https://www.inc.com discusses, there are also companies out there that will directly fire your employees for you. Outsourcing such services isn’t advisable in most cases – it’s more professional for you the employee to handle this task – however it just goes to show the types of tasks you can outsource.

Alison Morgan