Making Connections - Why Fast Internet is Vital For Businesses in 2019

Making Connections - Why Fast Internet is Vital For Businesses in 2019

In today’s modern world where everyone (including your grandparents) is connected to the internet via either a smartphone, computer or tablet, speedy internet is an absolute must. Fast internet is especially important for businesses, as it increases business productivity, reliability and efficiency in the workplace. As we all know, if you snooze, you lose. In this article, we will have a look at exactly why fast internet is vital for businesses in 2019, so read on to find out more.

Increase Employee Productivity

High speed business broadband is an absolute essential when it comes to boosting employee productivity. Time is money, and in today’s world that runs on technology, downtime is also money down the drain. Efficient internet enables your employees to get things done quickly, meet their deadlines on time, connect with potential customers and offer quick service to anyone who may be in need of it.

If your business does not operate efficiently, chances are your clients will switch to a business that does, resulting in a loss of revenue for your business. Fast internet is vital for your overall business productivity.

Head In The Clouds

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you are utilising a cloud-based system for your business. The cloud system is one of the most reliable tools a business can bank on, as it ensures that your data is not lost because of networked backups. Cloud computing is an essential part of an successful business in 2019, which is why fast internet is indispensable resource in any workplace.

A growth in cloud resources requires a fast and reliable internet connection, in order for your employees to upload information into the cloud system as well as download it. With an unreliable connection to the internet, this process may be messed up or take too long, thus reducing overall business productivity in the long run. Fast internet access also ensures that you have data from the cloud system at your fingertips, should you need anything immediately.

Handle The Heavy Weight

These days, emails and newsletters have shifted towards a visual approach instead of text. If you’re sending out emails to clients, chances are you’ll be including images or even videos in your emails. This requires more bandwidth, and if you are sending out regular newsletters or emails, you are most definitely going to need speedy internet.

Similarly, if your employees are required to download images or stream videos, you’ll be eating up a lot of bandwidth everyday with multiple users streaming at the same time. Too many people doing this at once will make your internet speed crawl, which is why it is important to ensure that you have the fastest internet with the highest bandwidth possible in the workplace.

Effective Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has gained popularity in the last decade, as it increases the pace of business and reduces the need for travelling to meetings. You can also connect with people across the world, saving you incredible amounts of time and money whilst giving you the ability to broaden your client horizon. Fast internet is absolutely essential when it comes to video conferencing, and you’ll need plenty of bandwidth to sustain a quality video conference.

A poor connection, or even worse, a connection that cuts off, not only looks bad, but can negatively affect your chances of drawing in new clients. High speed internet will prevent any of these mishaps from happening, so we highly recommend upgrading your internet service - you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Reduce Frustration Levels

Last but not least, fast internet speeds reduce frustration. How many times have you wanted to pull your hair out when your internet speed has been crawling? In today’s fast paced world, instant gratification is a base expectation. As we all know, frustrated employees don’t function to their full potential. Reduce your overall frustration levels with a speedy internet connection - your brain will thank you for this.


We hope that this article has given you some insight into why fast internet is so vital for businesses in 2019.

Alison Morgan