Using Neuroscience to create better leaders

Leadership is quickly becoming a more accessible dream where Business Owners, Managers and CEOs can create and develop more leaders within their business to improve their working environment for success.

This is one of the key aims of About My Brain Institute; an organisation using Neuroscience to develop leaders, teams and cultures through transformational experiences, digital tools and practical leadership training.

Founded by Silvia Damiano, a Social Scientist and Biologist, award-winning Leadership Specialist and Filmmaker, About My Brain is democratising leadership, making self-leadership the focus no matter what your role is in the business. Her work aims to connect the dots between brain and body for business success.

About My Brain Institute and Silvia deconstructs what it takes to be a leader and the steps people need to take and implement within their day-to-day life in order to become a successful leader.

Join Business Coach, Alison Morgan, and Silvia Damiano in this Podcast episode where we talk about leadership, productivity and also the difference between male and female brains!