Niche Market with Ashleigh Hill co-founder of Lilly and Lime

Ashleigh Hill co-founder of Lilly and Lime

Being sun loving girls, Emma-Jane and Ashleigh lived in bikinis, although being bigger busted girls (30FF & 30DD) they found it difficult to find bathers which were both fashionable and a great fit.

Always envious of their smaller busted friends who seemed to have a much broader selection of swimwear, Emma –Jane and Ashleigh saw a niche in the marketplace.

After a few champagnes, the idea of Lilly & Lime was born!

Launched in early 2016, Lilly & Lime is proud to be one of the first speciality swimwear brands in Australia that catered for a D Cup and up, with all shapes and sizes ranging from 6D - 40HH, showcasing a beautiful selection of brights, colours and prints.

From balconettes to bandeaus, high-waisted bottoms to cut-out briefs, Lilly & Lime has a variety of styles and all pieces are sold separately, which helps you ensure you get the perfect fit no matter what your measurements are.

Further revolutionising the market, Lilly & Lime ensures that each of their pieces are modelled by woman with various body types, races and styles.

In this Podcast episode, Ash joins Alison to chat about launching their business, Marketing and learnings!