Want To Stay Efficient? It All Depends On Your Team

Staying Efficient

Efficiency - it’s a goal that every business owner should be striving for. By keeping your business efficient, you will be able to make sure that you are providing a fantastic service to your customers with a fast turn around and an incredible business model that they can rely on. Keeping your business efficient will also ensure that you can afford to keep costs low. That’s crucial as it means that you’ll be able to charge lower prices and still make profits. Ultimately, it will guarantee that you can’t be pushed out the market by changes to pricing and that you can count on customers or clients to remain loyal even with a heated competition that may also be offering a great deal.

That’s why, when you run a business, you need to ask yourself what the secret to great levels of efficiency is. We think you’ll find that the trick is making sure that you have the right team. Yes, tech can play a part, and if you have tech that is ten years old, it’s going to be tough to keep things moving at a rapid pace. Still, ultimately, with the right team, you can make sure that your business model is a few cuts above the rest regarding efficiency. Let’s look at this issue in a little more detail and make sure you know how to keep your business firing on all cylinders with the right team.

Hiring Nothing Less Than The Best

Putting together a fantastic team that will ensure high levels of efficiency starts at the very beginning. It starts when you first fill the positions in your company and form that team. You won’t have time to handle each hire yourself, and that’s understandable. However, you should make sure that you are investing in the services of a professional advisor or a recruitment specialist. You can even use a recruitment agency. They act as gatekeepers and often hold the best people on the market as clients. Ultimately, if you want the best workers for your business, you might need to pay something like a premium.

Once you get the recruits for interviews, you need to be able to recognise what ensures they will fit well in your team. It’s not just about having the skills, knowledge or experience. It’s about making sure that they click and work well with you or the rest of your team.

That’s why these days more and more interviews are being conducted as workshops or work days where people can get a feel for those who they might end up working with on a regular basis. It’s a great way to make sure that you are building the ultimate team.

Maximizing Motivation

It’s crucial that you understand how to motivate the team that you hire. You need to make sure that they feel completely connected to your business and are excited to be part of your company. There are lots of ways to motivate a team. You can do it with finances, offering bonuses to anyone willing to go the extra mile. Alternatively, you can think about motivating your team simply by making sure that they feel like more than just a cog turning in a bigger machine.

Doing this is about making sure that voices are heard and that views can be expressed. It’s beneficial to have an open door policy because you never know where the next great idea for your business could from. It might come from the guy in the mail office, you just never know.

Other ways to bring motivation is to bring some fun to your business model. It’s about making sure that people like coming to the place where they will spend nearly thirty percent of their life. Look to the startups in Silicon Valley for inspiration on how to do this and discover how to make sure that coming to work each day isn’t a complete grind for your team.

Train Hard, Win More

You do need to run your business team like a sports team. Training is essential. Sports teams that win championships train every day and the same is true for business teams that want to remain efficient and effective. You need to be constantly looking at various team building models to help your company come out on top and soar when faced with the competition.

Team building days, weekends and getaways can all be fantastic options that will allow you to build your team up and provide them with new skills that will help with their day to day activities. It can also make sure that everyone is on the same page, working towards shared goals and moving forward towards fantastic fresh levels of success.

When you train your team, your business model will evolve, and processes will become a lot smoother.

Freshen Up Your Team, Don’t Go Stale

If you have noticed that your business has been slowing down as of late, it’s possible that this is due to some poor members of your team. It’s not always possible for the strongest to help carry the slack of the weakest members. Look at client reviews and customer reception, particularly if your business exists within the customer services industry. If a member of your team is constantly getting bad reviews or rubbing clients the wrong way, it might be time to cut them loose. Or, at the very least, engage in some extra training. With the right training, the weakest team member can actually become your best asset.

Breaks And Rest

Finally, it might sound counterproductive but making sure that your team is resting and taking breaks is one of the best ways to maximise efficiency levels. Why is this? The answer is simple. If you don’t rest, you grow tired, and your level of work certainly takes a hit. You can also start to see the dreaded RSI develop in your office. You don’t want that, and by making sure that your team are taking a few five-minute breaks every hour, you can avoid this issue completely.

Alison Morgan