Is It Time To Hire Employees?

Is It Time To Hire Employees?

If you've been running your business on your own for quite some time now, then you may be beginning to think about hiring some helping hands. You see, when you first start out, things will be relatively manageable by yourself. You will able to deal with emails and calls yourself, most likely in the comfort of your own home. You will get deliveries sent out and packaged all by hand, and if you're lucky, you will start making sales and actually earning a profit. When this moment comes, it's a taste of what success feels like, and that will just make you even more focused and ready to work even harder than you already are. But there will come a point where things start to get busier and busier, and you will no longer be able to keep up with deliveries on time, and emails and calls and orders, because you're having to do everything by yourself. You'll get overwhelmed and struggle to hold down the fort, and when this happens, you will realise that it's time to get some employees, set up a team, and grow as a whole.

There are a few things that you will need to think about when you do this. Here are a couple of examples to get you on the right track.


Remember that when adding additions to the team, you will be expected to pay them out of your own pocket. Now depending on how much of a profit you are making will determine how much you can really afford, and unfortunately, if you have a lot of staff, then you're going to be losing a fair bit of money. So you need to make a realistic calculation of how many employees you really need, and how you can afford them. In a lot of cases, employers will take out a loan to ensure they have what they require, and then over time as their business continues to improve, they can afford employees without borrowing anymore. You can read more about companies like Kabbage, and work out whether they're the right fit for you.


You can't expect to hire a team of professionals but have nowhere for them to work other than the spare room in your home. Unless you've built an extension on your home and have a proper office to be worked in - you're just going to have to move out and find something more suitable. Looking for the right office all depends on your needs. Will the office be somewhere you meet face to face with potential customers and business partners? Or is it just a place where you and your employees work hard behind the scenes? Answering this question will determine whether you need to be local and accessible, or not. You also want to make sure that the interior is one of a calming and productive environment that stimulates creativity, hard work, and efficiency.

Now you have a couple of ideas, get thinking about how you plan on growing.



Alison Morgan