Outdoor Catering For Professionals

Planning a catering event for your family or for a client can be a great job if you have a real love for cooking. Cooking is a fun hobby to do and you will likely enjoy playing around with new meals and ingredients each time you host an event. Here are some tips for catering an event outdoors this summer.

Outdoor Catering For Professionals

Know the venue

As soon as you have been offered a catering job at a certain venue, you need to take the time to go there yourself and familiarising yourself with the space. Ask the owners of the venue if you can have a quick tour and talk to them about what kind of things you are planning to make on the day. They might be able to provide you with equipment for your cooking for the day so make sure that you check with them. knowing our venue will help you decide what to cook and how you will structure the day.


When you are serving food to a big crowd of people for an event, you need to make sure that you are permitted to do so. Make sure that you have a permit for your food services and also get yourself approved by boards to put your guest’s minds at ease. Check with your local authority whether or not you need other permits before you carry on.

Plan your food according to the venue

The venue you are at will decide what food you can make for your guests. Think about the space you have available to you because if you don’t have much space you will struggle to throw together many different options for the food. Remember to not overface yourself and keep things fairly simple when it comes to the preparation to deal with any issues on the day.


The main risk of catering outdoors is the weather, if you are using a barbecue or a huge grill for your meals, you will be out in the open with everyone else and if it starts to rain, you might suffer. Make sure you have a backup plan or a place or move to when the rain starts to ensure that everyone can still get the food that they need for the day.


Cooking outdoors is of course different to cooking in a kitchen, so you will need to bring equipment with you which can fit the space you are in and which are suitable for use outdoors. Think about bringing kubota generators to power your equipment and make sure that you have enough fuel for it. Think about your ovens and stoves and decide how you are going to manage cooking everything in succession.


It is always beat to prepare as much as you can before you reach the venue. You can have ingredients weighed out, you can have any meat cut up ready to be cooked and you can prep long lasting foods to make life easier. Think about preparing finger foods the night before to bring with you so that these can be served right away on the day.


Alison Morgan