Choosing Industrial Machinery For Your Business: What You Need To Know

Choosing Industrial Machinery For Your Business

Industrial machinery is often a big purchase and it’s important to do your research in order to buy the best machine for the job. Here are some tips to save you costs and keep the process stress-free.  

Read reviews

It’s worth reading reviews of industrial machinery online and well as looking into the reputation of sellers at sites like Reseller Ratings. Reviews may also help you to determine whether a machine is too complex or too simplistic for your needs. All in all, it prevents you buying a machines that could be unreliable.

Save money by going second-hand

Brand new machines will be very expensive – consider looking for used machines online that are still in good nick. If possible, you should always see the machine in person first before buying just so that you can judge the condition – photos will not always do it justice. Certain machinery may come with a logbook that you can check for previous faults. There are many sellers that specialise in selling used industrial machinery, but you may be able to find independent sellers through sites like Gumtree and eBay.

Look into financing options

Industrial machinery could cost you thousands, so it’s worth considering some form of financing. You could take out a business loan to pay for the machinery. Alternative you could look into leasing a machine from a company such as Brandon Hire. In both cases, you should shop around to get the best deal.

Consider hiring machinery

In some cases, you may not need machinery on an ongoing basis, in which case you may be better off hiring it for a temporary period. This could save you a lot of money and allow you access to better quality machinery on a budget. Try to find a reliable hire company who will be able to supply your demands.

Consider delivery options

There are lot of factors consider when it comes to delivery. Large machinery could be expensive to deliver, especially if you’re shipping it over from abroad. You also need to consider how you’re getting it into your premises. Will the machine need to be delivered in parts and assembled when it reaches your premises? This could much needed if the entrance is too small to fit the machine in or if it is too heavy to transport whole. You may even need to hire a life from a company such as Auslift if your business is on an upper level. Make sure to factor in any extra costs that this may entail.

Research into maintenance

It’s important that your machine is regularly maintained – you and your staff will need to learn how to do this yourself. Certain machines may require a lot of maintenance and some may even require training and licensing to use. Make sure that you’re aware of the maintenance required before investing in a machine.


Alison Morgan