The most successful Fashion Agency you’ve never heard of giving 5 tips


By Simon and Yetta Rawadi, Founders of Slyletica 

Stay true to who you are

It is vital to stay true to what you/your brand believes in. Your tribe loves you for you, so it is important to let your personality shine through to your product.

We also think it is important to listen to your followers/fans and a good way of doing this is involving them in the design process. Simple things like using Instagram for polls to ask what they think can help you develop a better product. - Yetta Rawadi 

Be in business with the right people (like Slyletica!)

Picking the right people to get into business with is vital. Particularly with building a fashion brand that requires a team of people, from designers through to production managers, marketing gurus and everything in between.

You may find it to be more cost effective to start it on your own, but in the long term it actually works out to be far more cost efficient to have the right partners from the start. Your time is better spent on other things to help the business like gaining brand awareness and exposure for your brand. - Simon Rawadi

Attention to detail

Getting your product right is vital, you don't want to be selling something you are not proud to say you made. Customers appreciate attention to detail and consistency. 

We’ve all been on the other side where we’ve been disappointed by fashion brands. For example, receiving a product when you’re meant to is huge, there is nothing worse than ordering something and having to follow up 3 times to see where it is. Well, there is something worse. When it finally arrives, and it looks nothing like it did online! Remember a disappointed customer is the worst thing for your brand and they will switch to your competitor at the click of a button if you let them down. – Simon Rawadi

Tell a story

Storytelling is the most effective way of selling a product and giving it the status is deserves. Take Kylie Jenner for example, when created her infamous lip kits, she spoke about her insecurities with her lips and how lipstick made her feel confident.

Customers want to connect with the brand they are buying, so educate them, tell them about your values, and what personal qualities your brand may have. People come to us wanting to start a fashion brand and most of them know what type of product they want to design, but they haven’t thought about Brand Development or Marketing. People stay with us to build a brand and our first conversation is generally about their Brand and the story they want to tell. – Yetta Rawadi

Be Realistic

Let's be real, being an overnight success is very rare, and hardly ever happens overnight. 

Building a brand takes time, so remember to be patient, enjoy the journey and work on it constantly.  While it might seem like everyone is doing it, only a few people are truly successful at it in the long run. – Yetta Rawadi 


Slyletica was named the #1 Fastest Growing Fashion Start-Up in Australia last year and saw triple-digit growth again this financial year.

In just over 3 years they have created ranges for over 100 clients from 12 countries and have made $16.9 million for their clients in the process. Clients include 15-year-old Aussie influencer Taya Brooks and gym chain Body Fit Training.


Slyletica was founded four years ago by Simon and Yetta Rawadi  and the couple have created a global apparel manufacturing and brand development agency that handle some of the best activewear brands in the world. In fact, Slyletica is behind brands such as Flextt apparel by 15-year-old Aussie influencer Taya Brooks. 

They developed their own activewear label, learning how to navigate design, production and selling in the process. They were soon inundated with requests by other brands to stock their own labels and that is how the concept the born. They have since managed to build a multi-million dollar business.