Entrepreneurs, Listen To Avoid These 5 Issues

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For a lot of new parents, returning to work after a baby is a no-go. In fact, as many workplaces still fail to offer adequate flexible working options, it’s no wonder that more and more people choose to embrace an independent career instead.

Becoming a freelancer is, of course, challenging. But it doesn’t compare to the obstacles you’ll have to face when you decide to turn your freelancing career into a company. Many solo entrepreneurs struggle to make it right for their team when they grow their businesses!

There’s been an accident 

While you can choose to ignore health and safety requirements when you work alone, these become a mandatory process when you decide to hire a team. However, too many entrepreneurs still rely on common sense and don’t run any professional H&S audit. Creating an office that is safe for your employees is your primary requirement, as you don’t want to face expensive workplace accident claims in the future. In other words, you need to book a risk assessment appointment with an expert to ensure that you are not taking any chances with the safety of your staff. 

I’m focusing on my family 

Do you remember why you’ve started an independent career? Unfortunately, too many Australian businesses fail to explore flexible options, putting the work/life balance of families at risk. Employees who struggle to find flexible work often quit their position for a new employer or to establish themselves as a freelancer. If you don’t want to lose talent, you need to promote flexibility and remote jobs. 

I’ve found another job 

Your employees have high expectations when it comes to staying with a company. On the one hand, their decision is partially motivated by money – as maintaining their lifestyles comes at a cost. But they do want attractive perks such as flexible working options – a favourite for most employees –, financial benefits during illness and a pension. Additionally, employees are likely to compare their perks against other countries. Consequently, companies that tick off all the boxes also include annual leave, health insurance benefits, shorter work weeks and additional financing options for personal projects. 

I’m suing for discrimination

Is your office behaviour always fair? Discrimination can occur in the best companies, and it’s even more likely to happen if you’re not always on site. Most employees are reluctant to complain about discriminatory behaviours, as many feel embarrassed about their weaknesses. Consequently, if someone addresses the topic, you need to deal with it seriously Investigating the matter is essential. Listen to the complainer and treat them with respect – they are likely to feel vulnerable in their position. Failure to handle the complaint can aggravate the situation. 

I have no faith in the company 

You’re a business owner. Of course, your company reflects your ideas. But you need to listen to the feedback of your employees if you want to keep the business afloat. In business, big egos are not always the best-suited candidates to become successful leaders. As a result, you will face disheartened staff and customers. 

Your listening skills are your best ally when it comes down to making your freelancing career into a successful company. From gathering feedback from professionals to paying attention to your employees’ needs, a leader who can listen is a leader who will succeed. 

Alison Morgan