3 Crucial Business Relationships To Steward

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It’s important to always keep in mind how your business relies on many other goods and services in order to operate. It is almost impossible to overcome this. Even industry titans have to rely on at least some form of external business service, even if it’s just a tertiary consideration. It’s essential to steward the right relationships then, not only to enjoy a reliable two-way level of support, but also to ensure that as time goes on, your relationship becomes more and more mutually rewarding.

This is where it pays know exactly what relationships to steward, and how the sign of a great one can influence your ability well. It’s also important to know how to negotiate, in order to get the best deal for you and the firm in question. Of course, you need to know your work and how appropriate this negotiation might be. No matter how many free meals you offer to a cleaning firm hired to clean your restaurant, you’ll still have to pay the monthly service bill in full.

With that in mind, let us consider what relationships are important to steward this time around:


An accounting firm can not only help you keep your books together, but enable you to save money on your taxes through proper submission. A great tax accountant can also get your books in perfect order depending on your current needs and the growing nature of your firm. As your firm expands, your books naturally become more complex. This is why it can be worthwhile to begin a relationship with a fantastic accountant who can see you grow, who can understand the various idiosyncrasies of your balance sheet and focus on getting it all back together in the most simplified and correct manner possible.

Health & Safety Auditing

Think of a restaurant. They are businesses that are perhaps the most harshly subjected to health & safety laws. Food hygiene, food prep and drinks sales are often a great potential place for illness or injury to occur. This is why most restaurants are subject to at least a yearly check of their operation, to ensure they are keeping up to standard and neglecting the harmful practices they might be developing. But should they leave this official investigation to be the only judgement of how good they are performing? Or could it be that through an additional health and safety auditing service, a firm able to visit more frequently, they can keep themselves to an even higher standard each time? We say that’s a great idea.


A great outsourced security firm can be a fantastic idea provided  you have the means to set them up well. Industrial estates are ideal for this, as they are often the victim of targeting break ins. With a few staff and a hired company to transition your heavy cash intake, or to keep your parking perimeter secure at night, you might avoid thousands in losses.

With this advice - you’re certain to steward great business relationships, those that are timeless and important.

Alison Morgan