How to find your customers on a tight Marketing Budget

How to find your customers on a tight Marketing Budget

Very often my clients and those attending the Australian Business Coaching Workshops say that one of the hardest things about starting and growing their Small Business is finding their customers. This is true for most Businesses. 

Having a great product or service that you're sure many people need is just the start. Once you have your product or service you know will sell, the next important element is making it easy for potential customers to find you!

Usually organic business and word of mouth makes up a large portion of customers, however it's important to market beyond this if you're really wanting to grow the business. Acquisition Marketing is needed to gain new customers on a regular basis, even once the business becomes established.

Marketing budget is usually tight for the majority of Small Business Owners. Below are some top tips on ways for you to get in front of your potential Customer when you're on a budget:  

1. Optimise your Website  

Know your keywords and key phrases your audience would be searching to find someone like you. Then thread these words throughout your website copy, blog articles and SEO.

It's also important to give your readers a compelling reason to give you their contact information.  Whether it's an offer, a freemium or coupon code - how can you give something which is of value to your potential customer? 

2. Use Social Media to your advantage 

Those that know me and are Business Coaching Clients will know that I don't like to sell. It's an approach that I personally don't take and also an approach I encourage my clients not to take with their businesses. When Marketing is executed well, there becomes far less of a need to sell - and thank goodness for that!

Selling via Social Media doesn't usually work except in cases when you're selling tickets or products. Throughout your Account, it's incredibly important that there is also helpful, useful, interesting and entertaining content between these types of posts. 

Developing and nurturing relationships is key on Social Media (and throughout your entire business!). Interacting with your audience on your posts as well as their posts should be top of mind. Mention and tag them if it's appropriate.

Your aim is to become known by others and also be thought of as a friend. From this point, selling becomes easier, and far less 'salesy'.

3. Attend meetings, events and workshops your potential customers may attend  

This is a great way of meeting people and creating new relationships which may lead to opportunities. Work within several networking circles as having a variety of contacts. Networking doesn't have to be an icky word - attending workshops and activities of interest is often where you'll make new contacts too.

Relauncher's Business Coaching and Networking Workshops are extremely helpful not only for learning new information, but for making new contacts amongst amongst all the people that come along! Most people come along by themselves and end up making great new connections which they stay in contact with! 

4. Follow Up

Where you've met people or made a new contact, in appropriate circumstances following up with them can be beneficial. Again, it doesn't need to be salesy; use it as a point of contact for nurturing a future relationship.

I can't tell you how many people I met when I first started my business 8 years ago, who have become incredible contacts over the years. Many have resulted in fabulous business opportunities since meeting! Most things in business take time, including forming new contacts and nurturing these relationships. Not everything is instant...especially in Business!

5. Sponsor Events

Keep an eye out for events which may allow your product or service to be showcased in front of your target audience.

Even if the event has already been announced, it's never too late to get in contact with the organiser to see if there's an opportunity for you to collaborate or sponsor the event.  

6. Sampling

Organising pop-ups, samplings or free gifting is important for allowing potential customers to trial and experience your product. The Workshops I run are a prime example of this. Beyond workshops, there's in-store samplings, newsletter giveaways, loop competitions plus so much more! Time to get creative!!  

7. Networking

Do you know of people who can experience your services, then talk about this to other friends, write a review or talk about it on Social Media?

Influencer Marketing and Referral Marketing are 2 great ways to expand your audience. These 2 areas are very big topics, so make sure you do a lot of research prior to make sure you get this formula right.  

8. Marketing Collateral / Merchandise

Where can you place your branding to help with exposure? 

Cars / Vans / T-shirts / Gift Bags / Wrapping..... Have a think where your branding could make a different to being exposed to a wider audience. 

9. Ask for Feedback

Never feel bad asking for feedback. This is an important part of refining your offering to suit your customers.

Actively ask their feedback whether it's by them answering anonymously via a survey or in person. Use this information to learn and grow.  

10. 3D Business

Sales often result from seeing and hearing about your offering from friends, social media, online and offline touch points. 

How to find your customers on a tight Marketing Budget

The more often they hear about your brand, the more likely they are to consider what you have to offer when they are ready to buy.

Create a list of where your brand should be seen and experienced. Identify these touchpoint, then create Marketing Activities to match their mindset at these points. 


Alison Morgan is a highly experienced and down to earth Business Coach, specialising in helping Business Owners find their way and thrive.

Alison adapts her coaching style to suit the client, focusing on start ups through to Businesses which have been in operation for over 10 years.