How to Create a Luxury Brand

Creating a Luxury Brand

Many of us like a touch of luxury in our lives. These days, there is a larger portion of Businesses targeting the luxury market through shifting their branding and marketing to attract a higher value customer.

You’ll notice on Social Media that the luxe minimalist branding and campaigns attract high engagement and in many cases, conversions.

If you’re looking to rebrand or reposition with the aim to bring luxury and an element of exclusivity into your business, the approach is often less rather than more.

Below are some tips to help position your brand in the luxe market:

1. Logo

Logos with no fuss, simple elements, fonts and colour palettes work well for a luxury brand. Charcoals, rose gold, silver, white: simple yet elegant. They are timeless, classic and leave a lasting impression.

Check out our gallery over at Sticky Studio for some stunning examples of this. We have many logos we’ve created for clients. Not all are on the gallery, however get in touch if you’re after a new logo or repositioning in your branding.

Sticky Studio Instagram also has a fabulous mood board too!

2. Imagery

High res imagery is a non negotiable. Imagery should reflect the tone of your logo; classic, timeless and minimalist.

Your imagery should be an extension of the brand, giving a further insight and allowing people to connect with your offering and brands personality.

High quality and high res imagery is extremely important in showcasing your brand and attracting an audience with a luxe mindset.

3. Consistency….at all times

Consistency is key. If you speak to any successful business owner, they will mention consistency being a key element in brand awareness and business growth.

There should be a consistency with marketing communications when it comes to key messaging, delivery and content. When a person views or connects with your brand online or offline, there needs to be a commonality and recognition that the brand is sending out a uniform message.

Having Branding Guidelines will help you to create a consistent brand across all communications. Sticky Studio can create Branding Guidelines for you to make Marketing easier!!!

4. Customer Experience

Customer experience is the element which vastly helps with business growth. When I’m Business Coaching clients, I always need to know where existing customers and clients are coming from as this helps formulate Marketing Strategies for growth.

Most clients will tell me that a large portion of growth comes from word of mouth and referrals. Given this, Customer Experience is key in generating and multiplying this.

If you’re aiming for the luxe market, customer experience allows you to position the brand as exclusive and glamorous. Understanding the mindset and emotions of your customers will allow you to tailor the experience better.

Alison is a Business Coach, working 1:1 with Small Business Owners and Personal Brands to help create thriving entities through Marketing Strategies, Branding and tailored Solutions.

Alison also is the founder of Sticky Studio, a boutique branding house creating websites, branding, logos, social media and content marketing for Businesses and Brands.