Focusing on too many things and why it's wasting your time

Focusing on too many things and why it's wasting your time

Are you focusing on too many projects and elements in your Business that it’s causing overwhelm, chaos and being frantically busy? You’re not alone - it’s an element which many feel they can’t escape.

The fact is, operating like this can be ineffective and be one of your biggest time wasters…

Sales generating tasks are a fundamental element for growing your business. As business growth matures and evolves over time, naturally you’l begin to take on more tasks… bigger ideas… more implementing and often in areas you don’t know much about.

You may also be delegating to staff, and in some cases in a non-efficient and effective manner…..causing further frustration and double-handling.

Before you know it, you become busier and busier. A bit like a hamster on a wheel. I often refer this to skimming the surface of your business and not necessary driving it forwards.

What I’ve described above is very typical for Businesses. I coach so many Businesses on how to get out of this situation. Removing overwhelm and identifying the path of least resistance for maximum gain.

Too many activities impact on Business Growth and mindset  

Below are 5 ways to reclaim your valuable time:

1. Admin

  • Batch-task admin to be focused and become more efficient

  • Hire yourself a Virtual Assistant to take care of both Personal & Professional admin and additional tasks (in my opinion, everyone needs a Virtual Assistant. Best investment ever!!!!)

2. Avoid sweating the small stuff

  • Choosing not to focus on the everyday speed humps. The most successful businesses are those that quickly identify the problem, isolate it, then create a solution and move on. This is an area I work on with clients daily.

  • Avoid masking problems. If staff or contractors aren’t performing after a number of clearly communicated attempts, perhaps it’s time to find a replacement.

  • Take a walk while thinking of a solution. Walking helps with creativity and problem solving, then action your thoughts as soon as you return to your desk.

3. Simple is best

  • Simple always wins. All the solutions I create for my Business Coaching clients are super simple and easy to implement. I often see people overcomplicating situations which causes so much wasted time, frustration and in many cases wasted money.

4. Proactive rather than reactive

  • Be proactive rather than reactive with both your daily tasks and business growth activities

  • Plan out your Marketing Strategies, batch task your weekly tasks and know your business objectives in advance

  • Work in a quarter, while you plan the future quarter for the year

5. Social Media

  • Social Media is a lifestyle platform. No matter your Target Audience or your Brand Offering, it’s important to keep your content lifestyle driven.

  • Don’t worry what others are doing, it takes a while to find your voice. Done is better than perfect, especially when first starting an account.

  • Your objective should be to grow brand awareness, test what type of content gains traction and what are the best times to post. Once determining these insights, then build upon it.

  • Have fun with Social, don’t take it too seriously. Be careful that Social Media does not take up too much of your valuable time. It has the ability to become a powerhouse for your business, however there are certain steps you need to take to build the brand awareness and profile. It takes time; focused small steps and consistency will get you there!

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