3 Basic Tips for Managing Your Businesses Brand Image

3 Basic Tips for Managing Your Businesses Brand Image

From the humblest startup project by the most inexperienced solopreneur, to the most well-established world-spanning corporations, it’s a simple fact of professional life that all businesses need to be highly mindful of their brand image if they want to succeed.

All businesses, regardless of their particular natures and nuances, are by definition trying to sell something to someone. Whether that means selling precious minerals to industry connections, or else selling consumer products and services to the man or woman on the high street, the way you present yourself will have a dramatic impact on how people react to you in a professional context, and how inclined they are to trust you, use your services, and recommend you to others.

Of course, brand image management isn’t a very straightforward subject, or one that can be easily or meaningfully summed up in a few short lines, which is obviously why there’s such a lively industry surrounding the subject.

It is possible, however, to point out a few effective and basic tips for managing your business brand image, in order to give you a taster of the kinds of considerations you might need to take into account when planning a brand strategy.

On that note, here are a few basic tips and suggestions.

Consider publicising important announcements

Publicising important announcements can be an excellent brand management strategy, particularly if your business is already large and, subsequently, has a large and attentive audience of people who are likely to be curious about your professional developments.

One benefit of putting out these important announcements, is that it helps with transparency. bossresources.com.au, for example, has been sure to provide updates on the matter of Australian native title claims with regards to its tenements and mining license.

Publicising important announcements can also help the public, industry, or consumers, to gain a sense of closeness or connection to the business, particularly insofar as those announcements help to personalise the company and give it a face.

These public announcements can be put out on the company’s site, sent out as press releases, send out in the form of a newsletter, or a combination of all of the above.

Involve yourself in charitable and industry-wide endeavours

People are likely to be significantly better disposed towards your business, if you make an effort to participate in the wider community of the industry, in a meaningful, productive, and positive manner, which does some good for the industry at large.

At the very least, making a point of presenting yourself at industry trade events, participating in panels, and so on, is likely to improve your standing and profile in your professional community, and likely — to some extent, at any rate — among would-be clients and customers, too.

If nothing else, involving yourself in such industry-wide endeavours will make you more visible, in general, which is certainly something to be considered as a plus in most circumstances.

Of course, involving yourself in charitable events and drives will go a long way towards helping to build your business a reputation as being thoughtful, mindful of public responsibility, and focused on doing some good wherever possible. Suffice to say, all of those are good things when it comes to maintaining a positive brand image.

To be sure, charitable drives are also their own reward, and it’s always uplifting to do something good for someone else, whether in a professional context or not.

Maintain an active blog, Youtube channel, or even magazine — maintain a direct and ongoing line of communication

In years past, companies that wanted to communicate directly with the general public had to pay for expensive advertising slots on TV, rent space on billboards, or otherwise generally try to condense a message into a pretty short traditional marketing format.

These days, the digital revolution has left us all with a variety of platforms through which we can communicate with thousands, if not millions, or people, in a cost-effective manner, either as individuals, or as businesses.

In your attempts to manage your brand image, you should certainly consider maintaining an active blog, Youtube channel, or even an online magazine, as circumstances might favour.

Maintaining a direct and ongoing line of communication with the general public, or with your particular prospective clients or customers, can, in any case, be a fantastic way of building trust, while also seizing upon a perpetual stream of marketing opportunities.
Taking advantage of these platforms also enables you to communicate any development and changes in your business with your audience, quickly, cheaply, and without any intermediaries standing in the way.

Alison Morgan