Content Marketing for Business Growth

Content Marketing for Business Growth

Content Marketing has huge value when it comes to marketing your Business, and can be a key strategy for growth!

Many dread Content Marketing purely because they don’t have enough time, feel stuck or are unsure how to make it truly effective. 

If you’re looking for FREE Marketing which will make a difference to your business, whether your biz is online / offline, a business or service - then Content Marketing is an element which you should seriously consider.

Without it, my business would be nowhere near as successful as it is today!!!

Ensuring your Content Marketing is consistent and valuable is the first rule of thumb. The frequency you post must be consistent. You can start slow and build up the habit over several weeks / months until you’re posting at a frequency which is most effective for your audience. I also have many Business Coaching clients who learn how to do Content Marketing, then swiftly outsource the task. Mainly because they are too busy, or it’s not their jam….  

Content Marketing is a long-term relationship that grows over time between your brand and your audience. The key word here is “grows”! The relationship built with your audience really develops over a longer period of time so it is incredibly important to keep this in mind and not expect instant results. 

Below are 3 Content Marketing questions to ask yourself to help you develop your Content Marketing strategy: 

  1. What does your audience engage with the most from you? Write this down and mind map how you can produce more of this content. 

  2. Understand what your audience is searching online to find someone like you and your business. Your content must answer your audience’s searches because that is how they’ll find you. Use this as a basis to produce content! 

  3. Find like-minded online magazine publications and see what they are writing about. What are their article headlines and would these topics suit your audience? You can use these as a thought-starter for creating your own content

Below are some further tips to help develop your Content Marketing strategy: 

Plan it out: choose between 1-3 topics per quarter and then stick to them. Knowing what the themes are for your business will help to stay on track with the key messages and content you're producing. Keep all of your ideas in one central location so it’s easy for you to access at anytime. (I use the notes section on my phone, as I often come up with ideas when I’m on the go…..) 

Batch Task: it saves you so much time and keeps you from becoming overwhelmed. Ways you can batch task include:

  • revisiting your designated themes for the quarter

  • diarising chunks of time to work on content and making sure you have enough time to complete what you set out to do.

Staying on task with a single element will help you to keep powering forward!

Content Marketing for Business Growth

Alison is a Business Coach, working 1:1 with Small Business Owners and Personal Brands to help create thriving entities through Marketing Strategies, Branding and tailored Solutions.

Alison also is the founder of Sticky Studio, a boutique branding house creating websites, branding, logos, social media and content marketing for Businesses and Brands.