Actionable Steps You Can Take Right Now To Improve Your Online Business

Actionable Steps You Can Take Right Now To Improve Your Online Business

There is always room for improvement, right? 

If your business is experiencing some level of success, you can still make an effort to improve your efforts further. And if your business isn't experiencing success (no profits, slow growth), then understandably, you need to take steps to make the necessary changes.

And guess what? You can start to improve your business today. There are some actionable steps you can take RIGHT NOW, that will put you on the right path.

1. Google your business

Have you ever Googled your business before? You should, because if there are any pressing issues, you will then have the incentive to put things right before matters get any worse.

So, in a moment, type the name of your business in Google's search engine, and then consider two things. Firstly, consider where your business sits on Google's search pages. Secondly, consider what people are saying about your business.

If you find that your business isn't ranking near the top of Google's search pages, then you need to improve your SEO. You will only be overshadowed by your business rivals if you don't, as potential customers will have a harder time trying to find you. Keeping your fingers at the keyboard, research ways to improve your SEO, or look for an SEO Consultant who will be able to improve your ranking and consequently improve your chances of success.

Then consider what people are saying about your business. If your business name pops up on any social media or review sites, then take heed of what is being said. If there are any negatives, you need to take further actionable steps, such as promising to make amends to any disgruntled reviews by adding your comments to the site and then making the necessary changes to your business in response to what you have learned. Of course, the internet might showcase nothing but glowing praise for your business, in which case, well done!

2. Visit your business website

You are probably no stranger to your website, but how much attention are you paying to it? In a moment, take a look because we want you to do two things.

Firstly, pretend you are a visitor to your site. What do you notice first? Is it something that makes you want to spend more time on the site, or are you confronted by something that might put you off? A positive example would be a high-definition photo or an eye-catching headline, and a negative example might be a pop-up or advertising banner that could obscure your view of the site. Then compare your website with others that pertain to your business type. How does your site compare? If your website is failing your business, you should take the necessary next steps, such as hiring a web designer to help you, or making the appropriate changes yourself if you have the technical knowhow. 

Secondly, check for any errors. You can do this manually, by proofreading your site and checking for any broken links, or you can use the tools within Google's search console to automatically get an idea of how many errors are on your site. Should there be any problems, go through each individual error and correct them. By doing so, you will both improve your SEO, and you will also gain the trust of any site visitor who might otherwise assume the poor quality of your website is reflective of your business


We are approaching the end of the article, so prepare yourself for action. After reading, Google your business for the purposes we mentioned, and then visit your business website and follow our previous suggestions. By doing both of those things right now, you will be one step closer to improving your online business. 

Alison Morgan