Is Your Website Failing Your Business?

Is Your Website Failing Your Business?

Your website is one of your best marketing tools; that place on the internet where you can market your product and connect with your customers. However, if you have been struggling to make sales, your website could be one aspect of your online marketing that isn’t working.

These are some of the reasons why your website could be failing your business:

1. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly.  Desktop computers are nearly a thing of the past, as most internet users favour their tablets and smartphones to browse what a business like yours has to offer. If you haven’t already, you need to optimise your website, ensuring your web pages load correctly across these smaller screens. If you don’t, your site will fare badly on Google’s site rankings, and your customers will become frustrated by your website’s display.

2. Your website is frustrating to use, possibly with too many popups distracting the user from their browsing, and links that are no longer working. The font may be hard to read too, and the signposting to your shopping basket may not be clear. If web design isn’t your forte, you owe it to yourself to hire a web designer to ensure your website looks and feels great to your potential customers.

3. Your website content is lacking. Your website is only one of a number of other sites with a similar line of business. If your content is outdated, shoddily produced, or worse, almost non-existent, then you need to do something about it. You need a blog, for starters, so consider hiring a copywriter to market your product through this engaging marketing tactic. You need decent, high-resolution pictures of your product too, so hire a professional photographer to really grab your site visitors attention. Too much content can be a bad thing (it can overload your visitor), but you do need enough to keep people coming back for more.

4. Your website isn’t optimised for SEO. Your website isn’t going to get many visits if it is tucked away on Google’s search rankings. If you have neglected this vital facet of your website’s marketing, you should read this comprehensive guide to get you up to speed. Remember too, that Google’s analytics change all the time, so while you may have focussed on SEO in the past, practices may have changed. To stay up to date, check out Google’s webmaster blog to keep you informed.

5. Your website isn’t clear, not letting your visitors know what they should do next when they visit your site. Before they leave your business forever, ensure they stick around by implementing hyperlinks and call-to-action buttons to get them to the right places. These need to be front and center, telling your customer to ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Check out this incredible deal,’ as just two examples.

6. Your website is too personal. Our last point is this: Don’t confuse your personal life with your business life. You will confuse visitors if you do, and they may focus their attention elsewhere. While your personality needs to come through, especially in your blog, you should still keep certain aspects of your personal life (such as pictures of your pets) away from the facets that govern your business.

These are just some of the reasons why your website may be failing your business. Correct them now, to ensure your sales don’t take a further dip in the future. Call on any professionals you need as well, giving your website the boost it needs to generate a better income for your business.


Alison Morgan