The Four Golden Rules Of Promotional Products

Four Golden Rules Of Promotional Products

When it comes to spreading the word about your business, promotional products can be hugely beneficial. These products allow you to quietly advertise in an unobtrusive way, gently reminding your customers about your business without having to continually market to them. While promotional products may initially be a financial outlay, when purchased, they really are the purchase that keeps on giving.

If you’re tempted to try using promotional products to spread the word about your business, then you’ve likely made an excellent choice. To ensure you get the most from this decision, let’s examine the golden rules of these kinds of products— so you can be sure whatever you create is as beneficial to your business as they can possibly be…

Rule: Promotional products will only be ordered in settled circumstances

There is very little point in ordering promotional products when your business’ circumstances are subject to change. For example, you could find yourself in a situation where you order promotional products depicting your business address, but then the unsettled circumstances mean that the business has to move.

Ultimately, if you’re going to be investing in producing items that showcase the basic information about your business — name, address, logo, phone number, email — then you have to be confident those basics are still going to be accurate in at least 12 months time. If you suspect there are any changes forthcoming, hold back on ordering promotional products until you’re ready.

Rule: The promotional product will be useful to the consumer

If you want to ensure your customers, and prospective customers, actually keep and use your promotional products, then they have to be useful. Ideally, they should be the kind of products that people tend to buy anyway. If you browse through the selection on The Pin Factory and similar specialist sites, you should see plenty of highly useful items — such as bottle openers and trolley coins — that any customer will want to keep. If you the keep the item and continue to use it, that customer is being subtly advertised to every time they use the promotional product— which is a big win for you!

Rule: Promotional products will be safe for use and of high quality

When you buy promotional products, it’s important to look for quality items. No customer is going to keep and continue to use a pen that leaks, or a lapel pin that falls off constantly. While quantity is obviously a factor when it comes to promotional products, it’s not the only factor, and err on the side of quality wherever possible.

Rule: Promotional products are part of a marketing and promotional campaign; not a campaign in and of themselves

Finally, promotional products can only go so far when it comes to marketing and promoting your business. They have a role to play in your overall strategy, but you have to ensure these items are not the only part of that strategy— these products can enhance your goals, but don’t expect them to deliver single-handedly. In fact, no element of a good marketing strategy is able to achieve results alone; the component parts need to work in cohesion with one another to function. As a result, it’s wise to remember that promo products alone cannot do all the heavy lifting— but they can help boost your overall marketing strategy to a whole new level.

In conclusion

Follow the rules above and your chosen promotional products should be able to consistently deliver returns for your company, both now and in the future. Good luck with your campaign!


Alison Morgan