4 Small Business Marketing Tips for January

Although businesses are different, most are affected by the lead up to Christmas.

January Marketing

While most people are enjoying holidays, it's also a great time for Small Businesses to target Marketing messages which are suited to your business. January is a fabulous month for business and brings many new opportunities to kickstart into the new year. 

4 Marketing Tips for January

January is a time to put tried & tested Marketing Strategies to work in ways that bring results for the 1st quarter.

1. Optimise your Website for the New Year

Ensure your Marketing Content throughout your website has keywords & topics which will capture New Year searches for your Small Business.

Whether they are offers, programs or limited edition releases - create New Year specific content including blog content.

January allows Small Businesses to focus on creating a successful start to the New Year driving new sales and enquiries.

2. Focus on the New Year

Move Marketing efforts towards timely and future events with a clear call-to-action.

Examples include: Australia Day, continued School Holidays, New Years Resolutions, Valentines Day, Summer ...

Create Marketing Content via Blog Articles, Podcasts, Video and in-store / off-line collateral. Ensure your activities are in line with the vision for you business and action is easy for your audience to take. 

3. Less Content, More Promotion in the New Year

We all know that it's important for Small Business Owners to publish quality content over quantity.

We are also in the same boat that we are super busy... every day... So I suggest creating less content and pushing this out via Social Media multiple times. Remember to include your call-to-action so people know what to do next.

All content must be unique, relevant and quality

You can also run the same article several times over the course of time using different images on Social Media. 

Promote relevant content via boosted posts on Facebook. You can also run an ad via Instagram too if this fits your article.

4. Sales push in January

January is a time when you can push a Sale to sell over-supply.

Does it suit your business to promote a limited discount, special day sale or value-add offer?

If you'd like help with your Marketing Strategies, please feel free to get in touch to see how I can help with Business Growth in 2018

Business Coach Alison Morgan