Forget the To-Do List and Increase your Productivity

The expectations we create for ourselves is incredibly high - we want to have it all. In Business and Life.

Sydney Business Coach

However, after a while, it's quite easily recognised that the more you take on the more difficult it can be to do things well. Many talk about their to-do list, the snowballing list which never gets shorter...

In my Business Coaching experience over the years, I see this often. It's not uncommon to become overwhelmed with the lists, along with the pressure to grow your business at the same time. Never mind juggling family, multiple jobs and in some cases, multiple businesses...

To truly grow as a person as well as your Business, you need to learn to manage yourself as well as your work.

What's Your Reason?

Always know your Why. Always know the reason why you're doing what you're doing. This will allow you to reset when needed and focus where it's required.

Never lose sight of the end goal. 

With a clear vision, it's far easier to map out a sensible action plan which will take you to your goals. 

Revisiting this foundation at least once a year is incredibly important for Business and Life growth and development. 

Batch Tasking

Are you trying to focus on too many elements at the one time?

Identify a maximum of 3 goals per Business Quarter. Any more, and it's too much and will not work in your favour. Yes, it'll make you busy, but not necessarily drive you forwards.

Batch Tasking - start to chunk your work and activities together so you become more focused. Grouping tasks with similar outcomes together will allow you to become more effective in time management and achieving your goals. 

HIIT Planning and Actioning

This is how I work. I set a timeframe for working in batches, then also set the alarm on my phone. It forces me to get the job done quickly and stay focused.

Without the focus, we have a tendency to switch tasks every couple of minutes. No ideal for moving forwards at all!

Knowing what you need to do, understanding why you want it and identifying the actions needed gives you back time. You'll find that you say no to more, yes to what matters and become closer to reaching your goals.

Sydney Business Coach

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