6 Small Business Marketing Tips

Photography : Ryan Ammon  

Photography :Ryan Ammon 

Do you ever feel stuck or unsure of what to do next when it comes to  creating some excitement in your Business?

Below are 6 quick tips to spur some ideas of how you can stand out and be noticed by potential customers and clients:

1. Publish Great Content 

Consistent frequency of engaging content is a 'must'. Most people know this, although not everyone follows through.

It makes a huge difference in expanding your reach and exposure. It also narrows the decision making process, making it far easier to convert into a sale or enquiry. 

Commit to the following to make a difference:

  • Topic of content which is of interest to your audience
  • The format in which you'll create this content any where you'll be publishing it
  • Being clear of how you'll promote this content
  • The frequency

By committing to the above, over time you will definitely see a huge improvement in engagement and conversions. It's a slow burner to start off with, although a strategy which is highly effective over time!!!

2. Create Video Content

As we know, Video is where it's at.

Whether you assign budget to your videos or create them yourself - it's now time to put thought in how this can best serve your business.

Videos created by yourself are generally highly effective. The trick is to tap into the mindset of your audience ~ address their questions / concerns rather than give information from your point of view.... Give it a try and see what happens!!


3. Relaunch Previous Content

If you’re tight on time, relaunch an existing piece which has performed well in the past. I do this often and it serves well. 

Another approach is to find a resource / study piece, then turn this into an article. This can be done through reiterating key information, adding images and providing your own insight. (Remember to reference). This format will take you longer however, so I tend to stick with repurposing previously high performing content. 

4. Create a Referral Program

How can this best serve your business? 

I never lead on price with any of my client's businesses. Exploring Marketing options of value-adding within Referral Programs can be a great incentive.

Have a think about how you could possibly create a Referral Program which has your existing and new potential clients / customers wanting to return for more...

5. Industry Partnerships

Team up with a business within your Industry for a joint project. This can be done via a special event, or online via a webinar or promotional giveaway.

Partnering with a business means added reach and exposure if you both promote the project effectively. 

6. Apply for Business Awards

Most Industries have business awards. If you apply, become nominated or win, placing the logo of the Award company on your website will add credibility to your offering.

Very often my clients ask me for references when they apply for these awards to show they have had a Business Mentor along their journey. If you're a Business Coaching client, feel free to reach out if you require a reference of this nature.

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