6 ways for Business Growth after start up phase

If you've passed the 'hard' first few years in business and now at cross-roads of what to do next - I've put together 6 ways to grow your business beyond its current 'now' status.  


I specialise in assisting Business Owners either set up, grow or evolve their business. In most cases, there's also a large emphasis on Marketing Strategies for business growth. 

1. Laser In

Spend time mapping your Customer's Journey within your business. There will be several entry points, taking into consideration Social Media Channels, Word of Mouth, Pedestrian Traffic, Directory Listings, Google Leads, Advertising plus more...

It takes time to explore habits and behaviours; focusing around actions to connect, nurture and lead your customer groups

To grow your business, you must be focused on your objectives. There are constant opportunities and distractions that can easily lead to taking you off course from growth.

At this point in business, it's also easy to stick with what you know best. It's appealing to stay in the new comfort zone settling for 'coasting along' in amongst a busy work schedule.  

Make the decision whether you want growth, then laser focus in on what's happening with your customers and clients to determine what you can do to up level their experience via offerings / campaigns / enticing experiences directly relating to growth and increased revenue.

2. Do It

Commit to massive action on a daily basis to create healthy sustainable growth.

Make sure your strategy meets your business objectives, then take action. You may need to outsource, hire a team of make changes to your current daily schedule to allow your actions to be implemented.

3.  Continue to Learn

Constant education is extremely important.

Whether it's listening to Podcasts, reading books and articles, attending events and seminars or taking an extended course - continuing being a student is a 'must do' to stay current and ahead of Industry trends.

4. Share what you excel in

Whether your business is online or offline, Marketing is a key element in business growth.

Continue to release content through the forms of writing, video and audio. An established business should have a variety of ways people can interact and learn more from what you have to offer.

Showcasing your knowledge and skills in a natural manner allows people to engage with you and decide whether they like your brand and offering.

Relying solely on 1 or 2 elements for inflow of traffic which has worked in the past could leave you in a situation where all of a sudden people aren't interested anymore.

Evolving and growing with 'the times' is imperative. 

5. Invest in Photography, Branding & Marketing

By the time your business is established, spending money on your Branding, Marketing and Photography is a must.

Choose wisely - I've seen too many people get burnt....

Your business must support your vision, whilst your Marketing Collateral should look current and fresh whilst staying ahead of your competitors.

6. Have an Exit Plan

You always need to have some type of exit strategy.

Whilst you may never execute this, it’s important to have a loose plan in place so you can unravel your business if needed.


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