An Adventure in Activities - A Guide to Getting Active With Your Kids

An Adventure in Activities

Some argue that children these days are spending far too much time glued to the screen. It can be difficult to find activities for your kids to engage in when they’d rather be playing Minecraft or watching YouTube videos. But kids need exercise and the great outdoors for their healthy development. But it can be a bit of a struggle finding activities for your kids to engage in. So, if you’re drawing blanks when looking for adventures for your brood, read on to find out a few ways you can get out and get active with them.

Get Bounced

Did you know that a trampoline park can be a great place to take the kids? They’ll have a blast bouncing on the many trampolines, and if you’re feeling young at heart you can have a go too. If you’re not - no sweat. Many trampoline parks have a cafe area so you can sit and have a coffee and supervise the children while they bounce around.

If you’re worried about safety - fear not. All trampoline parks have padded edges and mats in case of a crash landing. Just tell the kids to try not to attempt any death-defying stunts and they should be right.

Outdoor Sports

If the weather is fine then this is a great way to get outside and get active with your kids. You can pick up a football, soccer ball, cricket kit or frisbee relatively cheap from most department stores. Head down to the local park for a kick, throw, run or a few innings. While you may be tempted to sit or stand on the sidelines and cheer them on, studies have shown the benefits of fully interacting with your child, so channel your inner sportsperson and participate with them and they’ll love it.

If the weather turns…

Indoor Sports

Chances are you’ll have an indoor sports centre close to your pad. These places are heaps of fun and most centres often offer a range of sports such as soccer, cricket, badminton, table tennis and more. So if it’s rainy, wet and windy bundle everyone into the car and head to an indoor sports centre for some fun activity.

Adventure Playgrounds

Most major cities will have an adventure playground or two within driving distance of your place. These playgrounds are bigger and more exciting than your typical park playgrounds and the kids love to run around them for hours. Make a day of it and pack a healthy picnic lunch to bring along so they’re energised all day long. Don’t forget to pack some water, fruit juice or watered down cordial so they stay hydrated as well.


It can be a good idea to encourage a healthy respect for nature amongst your kids, and a great way to do this is by taking them on a bushwalk. Now, we’re not talking about a three day hike here. A few kilometres is a good starting point, depending on their age of course. Look for short bushwalks an hour or so out of the city. Again, remember to pack snacks and water to keep everyone going and if it’s summer don’t forget hats and sunscreen as that Aussie sun can be quite brutal.

So Get Active!

What are you waiting for? Head to a trampoline park for some bouncing around, or take the kids out to a park for some indoor sports. If the weather turns consider an indoor sports centre. Adventure playgrounds are a great option, and a short bushwalk could be just the ticket too.


Alison Morgan