Stepping stones to build your email list

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Building your email list can feel like a HUGE task. Something you simply don't have time to do and in many cases, unsure of where to even start.

Below are some stepping stones you can implement to grow your customer list without it taking over your 'to-do' list and becoming a massive distraction (and headache!!)

And just incase you're wondering ... EVERY business needs an email list (no exceptions!)

#1 Set Up

There are many email services, however it's important you choose one that's right for you:

- Mailchimp

- Aweber

- Ontraport

- Cloudwards

- InfusionSoft....

If you're unsure which to choose, I suggest MailChimp is a good one to get you started. You can always grow into a different service provider later. 

#2: Create an opt-in

What do your audience want to know from you?

Create a free gift which is valuable to your audience. This could take form in a PDF, Video, Audio ... the possibilities are endless! 

Your gift doesn't need to be too comprehensive. Less than 500 words if it's a PDF. Anything too long may be information overload for the receiver!

Tools to help create your opt-in gift include: 




#3: Where can people sign up for your list?

You don't need a website to start building your customer list. Leadpages are fabulous for creating opt-ins & are the highest converting landing pages.

You can also create an opt-in via the homepage of your website using a Pop Up plug in.

In addition, if you have an online shop, you can include free resources where the person will need to progress through your checkout to gain the download. This will allow you to capture their email address. 

# 4: Create valuable content

Create new opt-in's each quarter addressing the pain-points for your audience. Your content can take shape in PodcastsVideosBlogsChecklistsQuiz's..... 

Providing helpful, useful content for your audience will allow you to develop a strong trust with your reader. This is how you become thego-to source in your niche

# 5: Promote & Advertise

When your Opt-In is created, you're ready to promote your content via your Social Media. Running a Facebook Ad will also help get your content in front of your Target Audience.

Pepper your blog articles with links to your free downloads too!

LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+ are also great places to tell people about your free resources. 

# 6: Nurture 

Determine the frequency for ongoing emails to your subscribers (either monthly or fortnightly works well depending on your business).

Your subscribers are your golden eggs. Be sure to treat them as your VIPs, giving them privy information, special deals and being the 1st to know of any exciting news! 

Have fun building your list!!