6 Marketing Strategies to Grow your Cafe or Restaurant

Coming up with new ideas to grow your business, in particular your cafe or restaurant business can be difficult. 

Beyond having beautifully presented food, music to match your chosen ambience, friendly and attentive staff, I've put together 6 Marketing Strategies to assist with growing your Cafe or Restaurant...


1. Networking & Community Building

Get to know your surrounding businesses. Sharing informationcollaborating and referring customers to each other is a great way to grow your businesses.

It's best to get to know the Owner (or decision maker) of the surrounding business and their offerings before jumping in with a collaboration idea.

Your relationships must be positive and mutually beneficial with a similar target audience.

2. Know your Loyal customers

Get to know the names of your regulars, and their favourite orders. It goes a long way, not only to them continuing to visit, but also bringing friends along too!

3. Food truck

Food trucks are a great way to expand your reach and exposure. You may choose to experiment with a new locationnew customers or simply get exposure at an event.

Choose to hire or buy a truck, depending on your business goals and budget. 

4. Social Media and Blogging

When used correctly, Facebook Ads and Instagram with help provide Social Proof and also allow you tap directly into your target audience with your chosen message.

Blogging is also a great way to draw traffic to your website and enhance your SEO status.

5. Go your own way

Many businesses fail because they copy strategies being implemented by similar businesses.

Remember that your locationtarget audience, menu and branding makes you unique. Therefore the way you need to grow your business should be unique too.

Have a think about what your customers in your area would be attracted to? What would make their experience with you:

  • More enjoyable +

  • More rewarding

6. Referral Marketing

Acquisition Marketing is more expensive than Retention Marketing. A loyal customer database is profitable for your business, and is also an asset if you were to ever sell your business.

Would any of the following initiatives work for your clientele?

- Value Add

- Happy Hour

- Loyalty Program

- Reminder their next coffee is on the house

- Special deal for a special day i.e.: Mothers Day / Fathers Day Offer

- Complementary biscuit with their coffee 

Ensure your offerings are consistent and your loyal customers receive what they expect. Consistency is a key to your success.


Alison Morgan is a specialist Online Business Coach; helping small business owners create successful strategies for Business GrowthBrandingWebsitesStart Ups, plus more.

Alison can help you save time and money with your Small Business.

Alison is the creator of the Australian Business Coaching and Networking Events and the Mindfulbiz Podcast. In addition, Alison is a respected Industry Blogger.

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