How to establish your Service Based Business!

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I talk about Content Marketing frequently when it comes to service businesses.

Whether you're a Health Coach, Life Coach, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Kinesiologist, Exercise Physiologist...(the list goes onnnnnnn.....) - generating online content is a MUST.

Yes, it takes time. You need to befriend time AND the journey. Never think you're the only one taking the slow road. Thinking this way will create negativity and self doubt.

I can tell you honestly and openly that I was on the VERY slow road when Relauncher was launched. 2.5 years in and I still felt like I could hear an echo. Instagram wasn't around, social media was at it's infancy and it felt like there were bloggers popping up everywhere....creating amazing content....having a wide reach and striking goals with ease every day.

I knew no-one in the Industry. I had my skills and knowledge, but it didn't feel like enough.

I know you can relate.

So...what I've learned along the way in my 6+ years of business...

You need to have 1000% belief in yourself. You need to be creating content EVERY DAY, dipping in and out of social media - making connections and establishing new relationships within your field.

Slowly.....over time, you'll build an audience which is similar to the beginning of a new personal relationship. You're getting to know each otherliking each other and building trust. The more you get to know each other, over time you can start to give them what they want (and also what you like to give). 

This is how businesses evolve. We can't force's a journey. This is why I often say, what you start with is quite different to what you end up with when you're 3 years in.

The more content you produce (blogs, video's, social media posts, webinars, tutorials, social media ads) the quicker you'll speed up this process.

Your aim is to be seen and heard in different pockets, a variety of channels and in several formats. Providing content on the same topic but different formats is essential.

Eventually, people will start talking about you, sharing your content and in some cases recommend you. Your community begins to build and become a component of your Marketing. It's called organic growth. It takes time to reach this phase, so don't feel like you're alone if you;re not there yet. 

Oh, and if you don't have a negative story to share where something terrible has happened to you (eating disorder, ill health, dramatic story) this won't hinder the growth of your business. You don't need a negative experience to be the reason you started your business in the Health & Wellness Industry!

It's your message, your expertise, your authority which you'll build over time, your online voice, your likability, your branding ..... which draws people to you.

PLUS honesty and transparency goes a long way. This is a quality a lot of people say to me that they like. I tell it like it is (in a friendly & empathetic manner). Why beat around the bush when it's easier to give it to a client straight, then get onto a road where we create a solution as quickly as possible! YES to that!!!

So there you have it my friends, you CAN & WILL create a successful serviced based business with a LOAD of workdirection and focus. You can have it all - it just takes time & a bucket of motivation:)

While we are here... I have a little something for you. Take this activity to help work out who your target audience is & how to market to them! 

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