Managing your time

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Time Management is a hurdle for many Small Business Owners. With a few adjustments and gaining laser focus on what it is you want to achieve, you'll soon have more time on your hands.

I'm also a firm believer in balance - the art of balancing work and life. After all, it's a large reason many of us created our own business in the first place.

FACT: The majority of people are productive with work 60% of the time...

Knowing this, if the other 40% of the time was just effective, can you imagine what you'd be able to achieve? This would also allow you to enjoy your downtime far more too!

Time Management Tips

1. Calm Inbox

The average person spends approximately 13hrs in their inbox per week.

I have created a Calm Inbox, where I check & respond to emails twice per day. At the base of my emails is the following wording: 

This is a Calm Inbox: checked once in the AM & PM

If you receive emails you're unable to action in a timely manner, send these onto a team member to respond or ask them to notify the sender you'll respond within a certain timeframe.

2. Identify your Power Hours & Distraction Times

Understanding how you work will help to structure your days.

Determine when you're most efficient and also when you are most distracted.

Schedule your diary around this to ensure you're making the most of your glory hours.

3. Schedule it

Use a diary system you LOVE.

I use Google Calendar. Mari manages my diary, so any updates she makes can be seen at my end and also on my phone.

She's also set calendar reminders for 30 minutes prior to each appointment.

By marking out your days and weeks in advance helps to stay focused.

Beyond your appointments, also include your to-do listsprojects and 'blank space' (your downtime).

Work in 1 - 1.5hr chunks on tasks - this provides focus. The idea is to strip out as much multi-tasking as possible, as this will allow you to become more efficient.

4. Limit Multi-Tasking

Less than 3% of people are truly able to efficiently multi-task.

The action of switching from one task to another may be exhilarating and fun at times, but slows down productivityoutput and performance.

5. Focussed Approach

Rather than taking a general approach, drill down exactly to what it is you want to achieve, along with the Action Steps required to take you there.

Taking this approach gives you focus and direction. It also feels good when you can see the progress you're making.  

This is what separates successful entrepreneurs from those that feel like they're bobbing about and meandering within their business journey.

6. Be Organised

Create an organised working zone where you feel inspired (and not distracted).

Yes, paper-piles will creep in (I'm the queen of that!), but make sure you clear your space regularly to keep on top it.

7. Make your phone your office

This is me! I have the majority of my work and scheduling in dropboxes & apps. All the apps & files are synced to my phone, so I have access to at all times.

This allows me to complete necessary tasks on-the-go - a must for those managing family life and a business....!

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