Mapping your Customer Journey

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Becoming more customer-centric is key

I often talk about mapping your customers' journey.  This process allows you to understand your business through the point of view of your customers, allowing you to provide a superior product / service experience to suit their needs.

It's also a great way for you to identify all those 'ah-ha' potential weaknesses in your current offering.

What is a Customer Journey Funnel?

Customer Journey Funnels are when you map out how your customers’ travel through your business as they interact with you via different touch points (social media, website, store, studio, emails, podcasts.....)

The map you will need to create is an illustrative diagram - however it can be drawn in any manner that suits you.  Set aside a couple of hours with a big blank piece of paper and some coloured textas and get creative!

As you create your own unique map, you'll identify your customers' needs and mindset at each interaction.

You'll find that different 'types' of customers will have different needswants and objectives.  Be sure to map out these different categories of customers, as it will vastly improve the Customer Journey Map you're creating!

Next, you can begin to match your communication pieces with their mindsets along the journey.  Suddenly, you'll become far more helpful to your audience, creating superior connection and ability for them to interact and become involved in your business.

In addition to your illustration, you can also include a few quick fixesyou may already know about but haven't actioned PLUS any improvements you can make to increase their enjoyment along the way.

Often we are aware of improvements we need to make, but simply haven't got around to doing this...(yes?!)

I haven't included an example of a Customer Journey Map illustration on purpose - as I didn't want this to cloud your mind of how to make yours look.  

In my opinion, there are no rules - you can make yours as simple or as complex as you would like.  

Literally, just start drawing how your audience finds you and map out how they progress through your business.  Use different coloured pens / textas to help you see each 'type' of person or each 'journey'.

You'll notice many customers don't make it to the end of the journey. That's ok - they may take the journey several times before they get to the purchase or newsletter sign up stage.

Likewise, if your audience is dropping off at a point and never returning - understand why and then work on a solution.

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