Ageing Graceful

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The Many Advantages of In-Home Care

Ageing parents; it is a topic that is often neglected until it is too late and an elderly parent is in desperate need of a plan for the next phase of life. We all want our parents to age gracefully and be happy. But how do we do it? Research and planning will greatly increase the chances that the last phase of life is one of health, wellness and enjoyability. 

A major question many family members are faced when deciding the next chapter for their parents is whether to do in-home care or an aged care facility. This article will provide advantages of choosing in-home care for your loved ones. Read on to learn the top five reasons in-home care is the best option for your ageing parent.

1. In Home Care - the easy solution

Touring aged care facilities can be time consuming and emotional.

What if you were able to provide the same level of care, in the comfort of the beautiful home your parents are already in? Fortunately, there are some really high quality home care packages that take care of all the details to make the transition smooth and beneficial for the elderly and all other family members. Education and experience of a trusted company will alleviate stress and time constraints of moving your parent to another location.

2. Quality Time

Often family members find themselves inadvertently providing the in-home care for their parents. With busy lives of their own, family members may find themselves spending all time with their ageing parents trying to figure out basic needs of their elderly parents.

With the right in-home care, all of these critical tasks and basic needs are taken care of. This allows quality time can be reintroduced. With everything taken care of, a visit to an elderly parent can include a cup of tea and a nice chat rather than frantically trying to sort out numerous health care appointments and medication timetables!

3. Social Interaction

Your mom loves you, for sure.

But guess what? She is going to LOVE having a new person completely dedicated and focused on her care in her home. It will be comforting, fun, new and social. An in-home care specialist can take the time needed to work through all of the details of the geriatric phase of life. In-home care options are increasing and improving due to increased consumer demand, it is what the elderly want, and it is time for us to listen!

4. Independent and Individualised

In-home care is a great way to assure your ageing parents retain a sense of independence.

It is also a better solution to aged care facilities in terms of individualised care. There are no set meal times, or cookie-cutter apartments to choose from. Rather, in-home care is tailored to what your ageing parents need and want, and can be adapted over time.

A recent study revealed that 92% of adults prefer to stay in their home rather than move to an aged care facility. With a growing ageing population; pressure to provide high quality, affordable in-home care will result in more options for in-home care. Hopefully, the tips above provide some groundwork on how and why to choose in-home care and your elderly parents are well on their way to happy, healthy geriatric living in the comfort of their own home!