What You Need to Know About the Tour of the Great South Coast Cycling Competition

One of the most important races in Cycling Australia’s Subaru National Road Series in almost upon us. The Great South Coast Cycling Competition is just a month away and will surely warm you up this Winter. Though it’s not quite time to pack up your road bike just yet, it’s the perfect time to start planning your trip and get ready for the big event!

July 2017 sees the 6th edition of the Great South Coast Cycling Competition. The competition kicks off on Wednesday July 26th in Mount Gambier. The scenic tour will take place in both South Australia and Victoria and feature a 511.2 km course in total. The competition goes for five days from July 26th to July 30th. 

The first half of the competition takes place in South Australia in the City of Mount Gambier, the District Council of Grant and Wattle Range Shire. The second half of the competition then moves on to Victoria and will take place in Glenelg Shire. 

The sites along this course are not to be missed. The competition opens as it has for the past our years in Mount Gambier, going through Vansittart State Park, followed by a lovely circuit around the famous Blue Lake. 

The second day takes you to the coastal village of Port MacDonnell for a change of scenery that is equally intriguing. 

Day three takes place in the Coonawarra wine region. This circuit is probably most enjoyed by spectators, but racers can get a taste of the beautiful scenery they can return to visit at the end of the race, at which point they can get a taste of the famous wines as well. 

The final two days of tour take you through coastal Victoria.

If you aren’t competing, the course offers much entertainment for spectators. The competition offers picturesque scenery, landscapes and landmarks to explore, as well as popular wine regions in both South Australia and Victoria. The setting also provides the perfect place to relax and celebrate following the competition. 

Mount Gambier in South Australia is a popular destination for tourists, and offers a lot to do and see. Mount Gambier is a volcanic region so there are many craters and lakes to explore, including the popular Blue Lakes and Cave Gardens. Even if you aren’t racing, there are a variety of outdoor activities in Mount Gambier to keep you active, such as cave diving and hiking. 

Glenelg Shire in Victoria also offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, coastal walks, camping and cave exploration. 

The Coonawarra wine region is nestled just north of the South Australian tour locations. When you aren’t watching the racing, head over to any one of the many wineries in the area for some of the best wines Australia has to offer, or plan a trip back at the end of the race to rest and relax! 

This year, the long time sponsor of the competition, Fulton Hogan will be joined by co-sponsor the Port of Portland

The Great South Coast Cycling Competition is part of Cycling Australia’s Subaru National Road Series and marks the first race back from the mid season break. It’s a key race in the series as it can provide a lead for the remainder of the season and provide an opportunity for those that may not have performed their best during the first half of the season a chance to start fresh for the second half.