6 Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing is more important than ever for business. It's also a cost effective strategy for building both personal and business brands.

What you choose to share reflects you and your brand, whilst also maintaining an active and authentic online presence.

For most new small business, the first customers are friends and family. These people usually cheer you on and support your business in the early days, however as a long term solution this is not sustainable.

Actively Marketing well beyond this group of people is essential....from Day 1.

Sharing your messages and business journey as it unfolds allows you to build an audience, with the aim to nurture them into long-term supporters (as well as customers & clients). 


Below are 6 thought-starting Content Marketing Strategies:

1. Create Solutions for your Niche

Your aim is to rank on the 1st page of Google for your search terms. The aim is to then drive both traffic and sales.

For sales to transpire, you need simple + clear call-to-action.

2. Introduce your Team

Do you have an interesting team which extends your brand? Perhaps you can;

  • Feature their stories
  • Write an article which includes their interests, expertise and beneficial information to the reader
  • Run a LIVE video stream with a Q&A
  • Repurpose the video from the LIVE stream via other areas of your business

3. Beta Testing


  • Create the opportunity for Beta Testing or offer a Sneak Peek of something new
    • This is also a fabulous way to ask for feedback
  • This method is limited and exclusive and should not be promoted or talked about too much
    • This also is a form for generating excitement. You're raving fans and golden stars will bubble to the surface when you take this approach.

4. Demystify your Offering

  • How can you do this most effectively for your business?
    • Video Tutorial(s), Infographics, Blog Articles, Podcast Interviews, Case Studies...
  • Use this content multiple times across several platforms over a period of time
    • Repetition is key
    • Multiple executions is smart
    • Your time is invaluable

5. Competition Time!

  • Collaborating via a competition is an effective way to expand your reach and exposure. Example Here

6. Event or Attendance

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