The World’s First Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit Seedlip

SEEDLIP, the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits brand which is the perfect solution for ‘What to Drink when you’re Not Drinking®'

Seedlip first launched in Selfridges and has since been championed by some of the world’s most celebrated Michelin starred chefs and award-winning bartenders including The Fat Duck, The Ledbury and more. 

Ben Branson is the creator of SEEDLIP, and has created the drink in 2 variants.

Seedlip Drink

SEEDLIP Garden 108

bright and herbal with 6 distillates including hand-picked Peas from Branson’s family farm in Lincolnshire

Signature serve: Seedlip Garden & Tonic  

  • Fill a highball glass full with ice
  • Add 1 ¾ oz Seedlip Garden 108
  • Add a handful of fresh peas
  • Top with tonic water 


Seedlip Drink

SEEDLIP Spice 94

complex and aromatic with 6 distillates including Jamaican All Spice berries and American Oak

Signature serve: Seedlip Spice & Tonic  

  • Fill a highball glass full with ice
  • Add 1 ¾ oz Seedlip Spice 94
  • Top with tonic water
  • Garnish with a red grapefruit twist

Both varieties are also well served with tonic, offering a sophisticated alternative to traditional mocktails and soft drinks. 

Seedlip Drinks
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