Removing the bloat

Vita-Sol Wholefood Powders

For many women an aching, swollen stomach can be a fact of life. It's also not uncommon for many to experience bloating periodically. 

For me, every now and again I have a visibly swollen stomach which causes discomfort & in my opinion.....makes me look a few months pregnant.....

I recently went to the launch of Vita-sol Food Powders.

Nutritionist Fiona Tuck is founder of the range of powders. I was completely inspired by the talk she gave at her launch.  So when I started experiencing a bloated stomach again, I knew I had to give her gut support product a try.

The product I've been using is called Purity.

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It's been created with organic alkaline greens and sprout blend, which includes dandelion, milk thistle and green kiwi fruit powder. I was very happy that the taste wasn't too 'green', and is easily taken blended with water. (you can also choose to blend it in your smoothie / juice if that suits you better)

The product also helps with the maintenance of normal liver function and is made from vegan friendly ingredients.

I noticed at first that my stomach felt slightly more bloated, however after a couple of days the bloating subsided and has put my stomach at ease.

There are also an additional 2 powders within the range : Flexibility & Infinity

Fiona has spent a considerable amount of time creating the Vita-sol Wholefood Powder range, designed to support healthy ageing and wellbeing.

As always, wholefood supplements are only part of the equation to creating a happy & healthy body. Further details can be found via the 'learn more' button below.



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