Does your business need a rebrand?

Small Business Branding

Melbourne Online Business Coach, Alison Morgan

If your online persona is feeling outdated, or you're speaking a different language across your mediums - it's time to update / refresh / rebrand & relaunch your identity.

Methods of communication are evolving

Competition is multiplying

Having a current & streamlined brand is essential

The great news is that you can always create a professional Branding & Marketing solution within your budget.

Bringing together your visual identity and following a design process which is simple can remove overwhelm, increase productivity and also increase sales and enquiries.

5 reasons your Business may be ready for a Rebrand:

1. Your branding feels tired

Perhaps your branding worked several years ago, although now it's just not having the cut through you need. Does it feel tired and dated?

2. Your branding has too many messages

Do first-time viewers of your brand understand within seconds what you do?  

3. Your brand is 'me too' 

Does your brand look too similar to your competitors? 

4. It's time to refocus & evolve

Has your messaging / offerings evolved, yet your branding is still where it was years ago?

5. You're attracting the wrong clients

Do you continually have the wrong customers / clients getting in contact? 

Rebranding isn't just a visual identity, it's an overall strategy.

Creating a streamlined approach to your brand 'through-the-line' can have a dramatic impact on the results of your business and conversion rate. 

Small Business Branding : solutions can be tailored to suit your budget

Want to find out about rebranding your Small Business?

Small Business Branding

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