The First Steps of Improving Your Life Start in the Bedroom

A journey to self improvement begins slowly, and this is why many people struggle to complete these transitions. Slow progress can be disheartening if you don’t know what signifies steps in the right direction.

Building up your self confidence, increasing the size of your social circle, removing toxic people from your life, and striving for happiness are all goals that can be reached in time, all have a similar starting point, and all rely on you being at your best on a day to day basis. This means eating right, drinking enough water, and just as importantly, getting enough sleep.

Today, we’re going to explore the impact that your bedroom can have on your entire journey of self improvement, and how individual segments of your room can personally affect you.

First Steps of Improving Your Life Start in the Bedroom


Your bed is the place you spend a good portion of the day (or night), and therefore it should be comfortable for you. Finding a mattress that works for your back isn’t too difficult, and most places will allow you to have a trial run in your home for 30 days, during which you can return the mattress for a full refund, and this is a good option for you to take because discerning the comfort levels of a bed is hard to do when you’re not trying to sleep on it after a long day at work.

Companies like Bedding Co Australia provide high quality bedding for your new mattress, and this is one thing many people forget about when they get a new bed. New bedding will also help you to adjust how well you sleep, as the same old bedding might be stretched and loose on your bed, making it less comfortable to sleep on.


Your curtains have a great deal to do with how rested you are, and changing them up is more simple than it seems. Most people have either venetian blinds in their bedroom, or curtains on runners above the window.

When it comes to aesthetic, these are both very reasonable choices, and depending on the design of the curtains you might have a visually pleasing bedroom because of these curtains, but this has very little to do with how well you sleep at night. Blackout curtains, on the other hand, are heavy, and designed to block out all light at any time of day, giving you total darkness to sleep in whenever you need it. Their added weight also deadens sound from the street, so if you have noisy neighbors, or a street light shining into your eyes at night, they might just be the solution you’re looking for.


Finally, we have lighting. The lights in your room are used very often, as you illuminate in the early morning before work, and before bed when winding down, too. The colour of your light might be making it difficult for you to sleep, and if you find you often feel wide awake when you’re trying to sleep, the culprit might be the bluish white light above your head.

Power saver bulbs and fluorescent bulbs can emit a white or blue light that tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime, and wakes you up. Replacing this bulb with a warmer toned bulb can help you get back to being sleepy at the right times, and is hardly an unreasonable solution.

By taking these points into consideration, you have a starting point for improving your sleep quality. Once you’re well rested every night, you might find that the troubles of the day are less daunting. So, replace your mattress, get yourself some new bedding, and get on the track to a better you.


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