How to gain a response when emailing influential people

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A common question I'm asked is how to email people of influence to gain a favourable response.

The answer is simple : the email must be around what YOU can do to help the person you're emailing (rather than asking for something).

In the case where the person of Influence tells you to email them to ask them for something if you ever need it..... don't! In all circumstances, use the thought process of how you can help them - at all times...

Example email:

"Introduce yourself.

I have just finished listening to your Podcast about 'Why collaborations can be key for business growth'. I really loved how you gave examples about  <insert specific reference>, as this is very similar to a collaboration I am currently working on. 

In 8 weeks, I'm launching a Podcast, and would love to feature you as an expert Business Coach. I'll be cross promoting the Podcast via my Social Media Handles which have a combined total of 43k followers predominantly made up of Health, Wellness & Lifestyle enthusiasts. Many are at cross-roads, wondering how they can align their passions with the lifestyles, while others are already running their own businesses. 

I will also feature the episode in our Newsletter, which has over 3k subscribers, plus I'll be running a live Facebook video where I'll be speaking in depth about our podcast episode. It's a great way to bring the episode to life, and further explain to my audience top-line details about the Podcast episode and also showcase your expertise.

There will be links across the channels to direct the audience to your website and social media handles. If there's something that you'd like to promote within the  episode, please let me know. I can then have a think about how I can weave this into the content without selling. 

If you're interested, let me know so we can arrange a suitable date / time. The recording will take place via Skype for approx. 35 minutes. 

I look forward to hearing from you."

You'll notice the email begins with a specific compliment which will instantly capture the receivers attention. The email then moves into the reason for  getting in contact, keeping it specific along with the benefit to them.

Taking this approach will generally gain a response 9/10 times. Remember to follow the email up after a couple of days if you don't receive a response. 

It's important the email isn't too long, is easily understood and simple to take action upon. 

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