The Leaving List - What You'll Need When Moving Home

What You'll Need When Moving Home

Moving home can be quite stressful at times, depending on how prepared you are. As with any big task, it can be very easy to forget a few key things you need to tick off your list. Instead of realising after you start your move that you’ve forgotten something crucial, use these simple tips to help make sure you have everything you’ll need for your next move.


A successful house move really does boil down to one thing, being prepared, and one of the most crucial steps to preparedness is having the right supplies. Arguably the first job to tick off the list is making sure you have something to put your belongings in.

When I was moving home I found moving boxes in Sydney quite hard to find, so don’t leave it to the last minute. Instead, shop around local suppliers and always overestimate how many you need. Most providers today will offer a hire and a buy option so you won’t necessarily be stuck with a load of empty boxes at the end of your move. Prepare your boxes before you move by estimating the number required per room rather than trying to guess how many you need for an entire home. Then contact your local supplier to get a quote, it will make that move even smoother.


There could be few things worse when moving home than arriving at your new home to no power or water. When you are moving home, take the initiative and remember to set up your power and water in advance. Most providers in the market will allow you to specify the exact date you want the power and water to be switched on.

Be sure to contact your current provider to get the power and water switched across to the new property in time for your arrival. This can be tricky business with cleaners however, so be sure to leave the power and water on at the old property long enough for the cleaning to take place. Give your provider a call and they will be able to talk you through the process to follow for a successful move.

A strong set of hands

If you have large items to move or don’t have appropriate transport, then perhaps considering a removalist is the best way to go. If you only have a two door hatch, but own a king size bed, a removalist is probably a good idea. Moving home is a tough job to do, if you aren’t sure whether you have the transport or strength to do it on your own, then consider hiring a professional. Removalists are trained to get your move done efficiently and effectively. It will mean moving home can happen quicker and not at the expense of your back either.


If you are keen on getting the full moving home experience and want to do the move yourself, then you need to make sure you have appropriate transport. It is very likely you will need a ute or van to move the bigger items in your home. As already mentioned, a two-door hatch isn’t a suitable vehicle to move a fridge. Instead, consider hiring a ute or van for the weekend to help relocate those larger items. If you already have a ute or van, but think you need some additional space, a trailer is also a great way to maximise trips to and from the new home.

Moving home can be easy or difficult, what it really boils down to, is how prepared you are. If you have an impending move coming up, then use these simple tips to make sure you have everything you need to move home.

Alison Morgan