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7 Ways to Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Spring Look

The seasonal shuffle of winter into spring can be exciting for many reasons. From getting to wear a different colour palette, to freeing yourself from claustrophobia-inducing coats, spring heralds a new era of dressing and freedom.

Welcoming the season with a sense of elegance and glamour can be tricky, especially if your wardrobe isn’t ready for the the change.

The following 7 tips are presented with your most glamorous self in mind - don’t be afraid to take the leap forward:


It’s a mistake to think you can forget your footwear and dress through until Summer in Winters’ old boots. Spring is the perfect time to step-up your game, and lace up heels are a shoe-in for this season’s hottest style.

Sandals, peep toes, and lacing create an openness and airflow which you will be thankful for in the warmer weather.

Light Years

As the weather warms and the days grow longer, it’s only natural to want to wear lighter, brighter, more reflective colours. Cream, bone and ivory shades give you the coolness of crisp white, with an elegance and timelessness that transcends the divide of day and night.

A blazer in this lightest-of-light shades is enough to elevate an otherwise safe outfit into an instant classic. Another idea is to use a white floral brooch as adornment. Small additions to your outfit such as these can bring together an entire look in a way which is polished and fashion forward.

Hat Trick

When thinking about old-school style icons and glamour, it’s hard to go past the image of Audrey Hepburn in her wide-brimmed hat, with sunglasses dangling playfully from her lower lip.

Channeling this golden-era icon is as easy as finding headwear to suit your face and your style. Try on a number of different hats and find one which is comfortable, easily worn, and versatile. Ready for your Roman Holiday? Just add glasses!

Layer Cake

One of the oldest tricks in stylishly stealing the show is layering. Use items of clothing to shield and layer on one another so that you can vary your temperature and appearance throughout the day so as to remain fresh.

Another benefit to layering is that you’ll never be caught out in a situation which requires a delicate sense of etiquette (such as entry into a church or monument). Layering gives you the flexibility to add and remove items so that you can go about your day with a minimum of fuss and worry.

Silk Touch

The heavier layers and fabrics of winter make way for lighter, cooler, more breathable natural fabrics and textures in spring.

Dress with nature and get in touch with silk, linen, and cotton. These fabrics have enough breathability and ventilation to ensure you stay cool (in both temperature and appearance).

Pretty Patterns

An easy way to add some spirit into the new season’s style is to literally wear it. Pretty patterns which are composed of florals and botanical prints help to bring a sense of currency and brightness into your days.

Pair these patterns with a hint of a floral fragrance for a blooming-lovely spring soiree.

A Shawl Thing

Shawls and scarves are another time-tested way to add elegance into your ensemble. A shawl can give you a necessary extra layer and function as a blanket or a cover in inclement weather, while a scarf can provide warmth and sun protection.

Choose items made from durable, light fabrics, and watch your outfit go from drab to fab.

Spring dressing is an excellent opportunity to bring fun and freshness into your wardrobe, while the mild, temperate climate makes it an ideal time to play with textures and prints. Using layers, accessories and colours, you can create your most glamorous wardrobe yet - without breaking the bank. 

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