3 methods for managing your emails

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Time management works differently for everyone. A common issue many Business Owners experience is managing their emails.

Today I have covered off 3 methods for managing your Inbox. 

The trick is to experiment until you find something that works for you. 

Method 1//  Blocking out time to manage your Inbox

Before you start the week, block out time in your diary (Monday - Friday) to read and respond to emails. 

(I block out 45 minutes in the AM & PM each day) 

Try this for a week and see if it's effective for you. 

Method 2// Three minute rule

Skim your inbox : any emails which will take less than 3 minutes to action / respond - knock these out first.

I ALWAYS take this approach. This is one of the reasons why I prefer short emails and bullet points:)

Try this method of managing your inbox over the next week too, and see if you like it!

Method 3//  Switch off 'new email notifications'

If you have email notifications flashing on your computer screen or phone every time new mail arrives, switch this off to avoid being distracted.

Again : try this for a week to see what you think!

Whether you try these methods one at a time, or all at once - see if this helps you decrease your time in your Inbox.

Productivity is key to managing and growing your Small Business

Taking simple steps to managing the mountain of emails that come through on a daily basis will make your admin life simpler! 

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Alison Morgan is an online Business Coach, working closely with Small Business Owners to evolve and grow their businesses