4 ways to create a powerful life & business

Create a powerful life and business

Making a conscious effort to make decisions taking you a step closer to the life you've always dreamed is an integral component for crafting your life. It's not luck, it's not waiting for the right person to show up at the right time..... It's having a vision, then taking it one step at a time to create your chosen reality. 

There will always be tough and uncomfortable decisions to make along the way. It's often these moments which push you closer to your goals. Remaining in what feels comfortable and coasting along is easy - yet in the long run it can often lead to wishing you'd done things different along the way.

below are 4 tips to create a powerful life & business:

  • Know where you want to be in 5-10 years

Without the vision, there's a meandering path with little purpose. Ask yourself what do you really want and how do I want to feel when you get there...

  • Take action

Take action straight away. Whether that's making a plan, researching or picking up the phone... - don't delay. Enjoy the process - this is the bit where many people tend to shy away from. It's the stage which leads you on the path to success.

  • Keep going - especially when it gets tough

Most people give up when it gets difficult, or when there is failure involved. This is why so many businesses fail - purely because there was self-doubt, overwhelm and confusion. Going back to the vision will also help determine next steps and remind you of the reason you're on this path.

  • Achieve your goals

Keep going until you achieve you goals. Then keep going! It took me over 3 years to turn Relauncher into a successful business. Even 7 years in I still feel like I'm just getting started. It's exciting knowing that I can do and turn this into whatever I choose.

Having the flexibility and control of your own business allows you to merge personal interests with your skills and lifestyle.

It's at this point, you never work a day again in your life! 

Realise your dream, then take action;  Life & Career

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