12 Small Business Marketing Tips for when you're on a Budget


Small Business Owners often have a tight Marketing budget. Whilst many Business Owners want to grow their business, it can be very overwhelming and confusing.

It’s normal to become so close to the business that it’s difficult to think clearly and strategically. This is when self-doubt often creeps in too!

Below are 12 ways to market your Small Business for FREE! ::

  1. Strategic Industry Partnerships - most established businesses will say strategic Industry partnerships have contributed to considerable growth.

    This is an area we explore when I’m Business Coaching clients. It’s an important component for business growth and has the opportunity to take your business to the next level. Here’s a Podcast I recorded with founder of Goodnessme Box, Peta Shulman talking about strategic partnerships they’ve used in their business.

  2. Google Business Profile - if you have a physical location, update your Profile annually. Use both primary and secondary listing information as this will help potential customers find you easer! Update your descriptions and images too.

  3. Video Marketing - this can be as simple as repurposing your Social Media stories. You can then save these to your camera and load them into your newsfeeds, newsletters & website.

  4. Content Marketing - whether you’re a product / service, online / offline business; having a Content Marketing Strategy will serve you well.

    I adopted this approach when I first launched Relauncher nearly 10 years ago. Over the years, I’ve created an online footprint which instills trust and credibility. The strategy I’ve used means that when potential customers reach out, the conversion to becoming a client is around 98%.

    The great bonus is that Content Marketing hasn’t cost a cent. It has taken time and consistency though (like most things in life!).

  5. Cross Promoting on Social Media - this can take form through cross-pollinating your social media accounts & channels, or teaming up with other brands or influencers.

    Make sure your business goals are aligned, your target audiences are similar and you are not offering the same / similar product or service.

  6. Social Media Engagement - place a focus on improving your engagement (not necessarily an increase in followers). Be consistent with posting on your newsfeed and stories, engage with your audience (both liking and commenting), tag in brands and accounts, use your locations and create content your audience is interested in.

    Look at your insights to determine the best posting times too!

  7. Hashtags - soooooo important. Here’s a random hashtag generator I use…

  8. Host an Event - again, this is an approach I took from my early days. Whether you run the event yourself or collaborate with another brand - getting in front of people will absolutely help build your business!

  9. Connect with Industry Leaders & Influencers - connecting with others will help you expand your network. Make it a priority. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert - a lot of entrepreneurs are. Find your voice, move through your comfort zone and find groups and people who you like.

  10. Attend Industry Events - attend events regularly. Seek out industry events & attend expos as often as possible.

  11. Word Of Mouth Marketing - this is often organic. If it’s working, look into Referral Marketing too.

  12. Retention Marketing - so often forgotten. It’s cheaper and easier to adopt Retention Marketing strategies. Also looking at how you can up-sell / cross sell your audience too is very important. Your tribe often wants more from you - you need to work out what and how!

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