Podcast : Snackable Marketing Content with Lizzy Williamson Two Minute Moves

Sydney Business Mentor

Snackable Content for marketing your Business is extremely popular and effective.  I personally like to approach everything I do in a time efficient manner and repurpose content across channelsboth online and offline.

We are all super busy – so taking this approach works for both the business owner and the audience.

Before we talk about Snackable Content, I wanted to let you know details for my upcoming workshop in Melbourne. It’s going to be a fabulous afternoon at Blix Spaces in Port Melbourne. I’ll be talking about emerging Marketing Trends for Business Growth – giving you inspiration of how you can adapt these techniques within your own business.

Getting out of your day to day environment can be the best boost you need for your business and mindset. Whether it’s 1 lightbulb moment or several –  growing a Small Business can be approached in a manner which isn’t overwhelming, giving you an extra boost of excitement and confidence. Join me on the 5th May!

This Business Podcast episode is with Lizzy Williamson from 2 Minute Moves. Lizzy creates snackable content via her videos to get her audience moving. Through her snackable content, she has built a name for herself, become a published author and is rapidly expanding her business.