What Makes A Brand Come To Life?

Tangibility is the keyword you need to focus on when it comes to making your brand real. No matter how well you have branded yourself in the online world, you need to focus on the desire from customers to feel it. What makes a brand come alive? When consumers have it in their hand, could see it in a shop window, can see their friends interacting with it, and then they can begin to imagine themselves with it in their hands. Even small businesses that are online, they cannot go along forever and not provide something in the real world for consumers. Even if it's just mugs and tshirts, something needs to be produced so that consumers can feel it in their hands or where it over themselves. Your brand needs to become tangible in order to be seen as real, and therefore alive.

Create some Merch
Hopefully you will be lucky enough to have some diehard fans of your business. For them what your provide either in products or in services, is something they cannot see themselves living without. So just to get your name out there and use these fans as vehicles to promote your brand while also giving them something they want, create some merchandise. This could be anything from a simple black or white t-shirt with your logo printed on the front. Maybe a hoodie or cap would be good too. Some pens, coffee mugs, and bags with your logo and slogan printed would be something simple yet very effective.

From the ground up

How boring would it be if you turned up to an industry event and you blended in? You should never hope to just blend in, you need to stand out! It's one of the things that will set your business apart from the outset, if you try to stamp your brand into the floor of the event then people walking and observing won’t forget you in a hurry. Build your brand from the ground up quite literally with custom exhibition stands. You can have the structure completely in your brand colors, either with just the material or with LED light bars. The days of having the box stand are dead and gone and thank goodness for it. Now you can have structures that don’t necessarily stick or fit together creating a more fluid area for people to pass under and walk through. A stand that is in the design and theme of your brand is much more authentic and thorough. It's going to be inherently unique so you won’t be mistake for anyone else anytime soon.

Pick a theme song

Seeing is believing but you also want your customers to identify your brand with something they can hear as well. Picking a theme song is going to remind them of your brand and thus, you’ll live in their mind rent free. The best example is probably ‘I’m lovin’ it’ by Justin Timberlake and McDonald’s.

Building from the ground up to literally have a stand at an exhibition design in a likeness of your brand is going to do wonders for all those attending and watching. You will be instantly recognized and stand apart from the other businesses because of how unique your display is.

Alison Morgan