Creating Compelling Video Content for Small Business

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Everyone reading this knows that we live in a visual world.

We spend a lot of time watching videos online - and what’s more, creating your own compelling video content is now easier and cheaper than ever. Knowing where to start is the key… .

Video content can be simple to create, however the 1st element is knowing what your message will be and how you want to present the content to have maximum impact.

Below are 4 elements to consider when creating your video content:

1. Transparency

Know where your video will be placed (i.e.: social media, you tube, sent via newsletter, website, vimeo….)

To avoid becoming overwhelmed, it’s best to choose a platform which fits the purpose of the video and is most suited for your audience. EG: I’m currently creating a series of videos for some Corporate clients which will be sent out via only their newsletters to begin with.

2. Length

Creating videos can be a bit like the length of never-ending string…

Again, keep the video length manageable - short and sweet is a good place to start. Going back to my own personal example above, one of the clients’ video series will contain videos each around 10 minutes long. The other clients’ series I’m creating will have several videos approximately 3 minutes long.

If you have absolutely no video experience, I suggest building your confidence and skills up simply by engaging with either Instagram or Facebook Stories. Another way to can gain more experience is to include some video content at the top of one of your blog posts (as done via this blog article at the top).

You can film your video using your phone, or your computer. When I’m using my computer, I use QuickTime Player.

3. Budget & Quality

Business Owner’s budgets for Marketing execution’s vastly vary.

Content quality is extremely important, although these days, you’ll also find that production quality has far less importance than in previous years. If your content is relevant and engaging, generally speaking your audience doesn’t mind if your video isn’t perfect quality.

Important elements include good lighting and audio, a visually appealing setting.

4. Test your Video Marketing Content

It’s good to experiment with a variety of different approaches to work out what your audience enjoys the most.

Try a few different approaches, taking into account length, types of content, settings, music and call-to-action.

Knowing what is best for your audience allows you to fine-tune your content and execution, providing an effective way to convey your message and engage with your customers.

Creating Compelling Video Content for Small Business

Alison is a Business Coach, working 1:1 with Business Owners and Personal Brands to help create thriving entities through creating solid foundations, Branding and tailored Marketing Solutions.

Alison also is the founder of Sticky Studio, a boutique branding house creating websites, branding, logos, social media management and content marketing for Businesses and Brands.